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They knew I was sick

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My kits know when I am not feeling well and climb all over me. My husband thinks its cute. I think I look awful but the kits are the cutest.

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i cant see a pic
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awww thats so cute!!!
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Aww, they are so sweet, love the pic.
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You have the most wonderful nurses!
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That's lovely. Such sweethearts to know Mum's under the weather and comfort her. Hope you feel better soon.
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Your picture is so sweet. Your furbabies love their Mommy.
I hope that you are feeling better.
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It amazing what they sense. Wheneer my son cries, his cat is all over him with kisses and nudges...and today after the horrible news, they have all stayed very close to me on the bed and computer...sweet
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They are so adorable. Especially the one asleep in your lap!
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Great pic
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Awww, that's so adorable! I just LOVE your signature picture of Redford, he looks so cute.
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Cats are very smart! Mine do the same thing when I'm not feeling well

Great pictures
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What cute little candy-stripers!
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How sweet of those two little angels! Cute photo!
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Oh goodness, that is PRICELESS. Sweet, sweet babies!!!!! Many kitty kisses to them for being so good to their sick mommy!!!
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Awwwww your little nurses
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Awww, such sweet babies!!
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Omg that is so cute!
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Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes. I am better and today the kits have been tearing up my house. Sigh. Things are back to normal.
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