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Anybody quilt out there?

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Cats and their people who Quilt
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You know MA, I don't quilt. When my mom died, she was working on her first ever quilt. She was about half way done with it. My grandmother now has it, and she displays it in a special place in her house. It was such a big deal to my mom that she was making a quilt, that what she did finish is so special to us.

Maybe I'll give it a try some day.
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I tried to make a baby quilt for my son when I was pregnant with him. I actually got the top part all pieced togther, just little squares of a few different baby patterned cloth, but I never did get the batting or backing put on there, or the actual quilting done. My daughter uses it for her dollies now
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I sent that page to a friend of mine who quilts. Maybe she will get the hint!
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I quilt, been at it around 15 years and have completed 58 full size quilts and numerous baby, wall and minature sized ones. Anywhere from machine pieced and hand pieced, some applique, both hand and machine quilting. Toughest one I did was a black with rainbow colors in an Ahmish pattern, like to went blind! It's great fun.
Thanks for the new site.
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I love quilts but haven't tried quilting myself. I don't have a sewing machine and I'm too intimidated by making one by hand - the task seems too daunting and I'm not sure how to go about it. I might give it a try someday though.
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Are quilts hard to make?
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Glad to hear of your interest. There are all sorts of quilting sites on the net, one is "quiltingtoday.com" try it out. A good one for you with no machine and to see how you might like it is Georgia Bonesteel, she does a method where you do a block at a time, you build it slowly, not too scarey that way. You could do a square and applique whatever you like onto it, sandwich it with any old thing if you don't have batting, put a back on it and just go for it. This is your creation, do whatever interest you and you will be more likely to finish it.
Tigger: it does take alot of time and if your not interested in hand work or sewing, maybe it's not for you. Go to the sight I posted above and get some ideas, go to the library and check out some books, there are lots of them out there. It's like any hobby, if you enjoy doing it, it's not "hard" and well worth the effort. Go for it!
Anne, you might take an old shirt,skirt etc and get your piece of fabric, draw a tree, bird, balloon, flower (whatever) onto a piece of paper to get an idea of what you like and then applique it on and you have a good start. Let me know if the quilting bug bites you.
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thanks for the info Jean!

I may want to take this hobby up.
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