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sudden stumbling

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My cat suddenly lost most control of his hind quarters. Bairly able to drag himself. He has no external signs of trauma. seems to feel no pain. no puncture marks, no blood in stool or urine.

Has always drooled but now he nearly is choking on it. He has recovered slightly in the last two days, but keeps looking for the darkes place he can find. Won't drink but eats a little sometimes.

Stroke?, Poison?, Trauma?
We fear the worst.

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You should get your kitty to the vet ASAP!!
This sounds very serious, could be one of a few things. Crystal had to hospitalized for 9 days with similar symptoms, they never did figure out why though.
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Please get your cat the Vet immediately!
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Can be a blod clot as a result of cardiomyopathy. Very serious. Immediate emergency vet care is needed.
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Yep, I can't stress a vet visit enough! Imperative you get the kitty to a vet now. Good luck!
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Any news on your kitty?
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Yes, this is an urgent emergency. Immediately get to the vet if you haven't done so already. Good luck!

(Oops, old thread. Sorry!)
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