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History and foreign language
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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
hehe You sound like my boyfriend. He was a psych major, and his senior research project was a study on sexual motivation and attachment.
(Get your minds out of the gutter...it was surveys and interviews only!!)
How interesting! I love hearing about psych research and things like that. When I was a research assistant in the Fall semester '04 we did a study on whether strip clubs really make a difference in real estate compared to people's perceptions. Your boyfriend and I would probably get along quite nicely lol.
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highschool-"Advanced World Lit." and "Theatre"
college-"1876-current World History" and "Human Sexuality" and "Acting"
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I always loved history and law. Sadly I'm an accountant and I hated math.
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Cool - I like this thread. I excelled in languages and art. I'm afraid geography was a bit of a no-hoper - even if I do love to travel. I didn't know where *I* was half the time, let alone the rest of the world!! I didn't mind ENglish as long as I could study Shakespeare - up here they tend to get the year 5 (Scotlands equivalent to year 12 or something) to read Lewis Grassic Gibbons' "Sunset Song". Most of which is in Doric. I mean, what is the point in teaching a dead language in an ENGLISH language class? It is a highly depressing and boring story when you start to understand it - so once we were told that we had to answer our Higher paperson this book, I defied the lot of them and wrote on Shakespeare. Let's face it, I'd been averaging a D with the Sunset Song... so to pull a B out of the hat for something that our teacher never covered was a big achievement for me. Scots schools need a bit of a shakeup in my opinion. Still.... if I could do it again, I think I would
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French is of course my best subject!

I love English & History! I used to hate Maths with a passion, but I'm doing extremely well in it so I've fallen in love with it!
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