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The Meaning of Life? 42

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The meaning of life
Douglas Adams, 'Hitchhiker's Guide' and everything (else)

That was the answer, according to the Deep Thought computer in Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series.

When the researchers -- cleverly disguised as mice -- asked how that could be the answer to their Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, the computer responds, "I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."

Anyone else read and loved the series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" There is a movie coming out but there seem to have some bad reviews but that does not take away from the fact that it is a real funny series.

And the answer provided of people never actually knowing the question is really insightful and quite true.
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I love anything that Douglas Adams has written!

I am not sure that I want to see the film though, I have my own pictures that I like to refer to when I read....
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Oh, yes, although it's been a very long time since I've read them. I recall that when a friend of ours was moving away I had a cake made that said "Good-bye and Thanks for all the Fish." I'm not sure what the cake decorator thought of that!

It's taken me a long time to realize this, that you can't really go by movie reviews. You have to give it a shot yourself. Although they try to be, most reviewers can't really be objective enough to keep their personal taste out of the review. Especially if it's a genre they're not fond of. I withhold judgment until I see the move and then decide if I like it.
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Total Douglas Adams fan here -- both of us are. I definitely want to see the movie -- I just hope somebody else's idea of the visuals doesn't disappoint us -- but that's a risk you take, and we'll always have the books. Yup. Going to see the film.
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I love "the worlds longest trilogy". ;-)
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I will definitely be seeing the film version... I hope I won't be too disappointed.
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If anyone is interested here is a small online Hitchhiker's Guide Game from the BBC.

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I read it years ago, & remember liking it, but the sequels became too much.. got tiresome, just not the same. I'll wait till it comes out on DVD & rent it.
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My 11 year old son and his buddies are BIG into the Hitch-hiker books at the moment. School is out tomorrow and my loving husband who's also a GREAT DAD is taking them all to see the movie. There are about 5 pre-teen middle school boys going: Stephan, Andrew M., Corey, Andrew O., & Ed.

They have instructions to be standing in front of their house with their thumbs out , otherwise the carpool won't stop! Also, if they have a towel they'll get bonus points . No one's sure what the points are for.

Now, mind you, I have no idea really what any of this means . I've never read the books and have been baffled by certain conversations between my son and his dad.
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I have read it once, and loved it. My BF has never read it. I can't wait to see the movie. We're going tomorrow evening.
I hope it's good!!!
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Hmm, where's the "never read the book but saw the British adaptation done some years ago and don't plan on seeing the movie" option?
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Originally Posted by brianlojeck
I love "the worlds longest trilogy". ;-)
I loved the subtitle for Mostly Harmless:

The Fifth Book in the Increasingly Inaccurately Named Hitchhiker's Trilogy
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