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Exploding Toads

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More than 1,000 toads have puffed up and exploded in a Hamburg pond in recent weeks, and German scientists still have no explanation for what's causing the combustion, an official said.
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This story was in most UK papers a couple of days ago, and I was convinced at first it was a hoax. Now I'm not so sure ... I do feel sorry for the toads though.

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I thought it was a belated April Fools' joke, too, but there's a write-up on the Institut für Hygiene und Umwelt's Web site. How strange.
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Weird. Someone, please post if and when they figure this mystery out.
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If I find out that this was something a person did (put something into the pond to make the toads explode) I will be really put off. I mean mankind has already shown some serious violence towards animals, all animals, but doing something like this is downright sick (and what a horrible way to die, even if they are just toads. They're still living things).

Hopefully it's just some off-balance thing going on with nature and they can correct it.
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It's so funny you posted this cause I have a group of friends and we call ourselves Toads, and so I have been sending them the link...
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Quite a bizarre thing.....

Mystery solved?
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Eww, that is gross! Poor toads.
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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
Quite a bizarre thing.....

Mystery solved?
Maybe.... I'm just a little bit skeptical about the "crow theory", because (to me) Germans have this weird thing about crows. There seem to be so many horror stories about crows attacking people, pecking out calves' eyes, killing lambs, etc.. Crows and ravens are really demonized here.
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ewwww..... that's soo gross!!!
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