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Pet Food Hints

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When there is no catfood in your house, give your cat 1) a scrambled egg 2) bits of cheese 3) cottage cheese, plain yougurt or mayonnaise (not miracle whip) or 4)dry cat food that has absorbed equal amooounts of broth, or water.
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I'm glad that scrambled egss are ok for kitties! Whenever I make French Toast, I always cook up the extra egg and give it (once its cool) to my furkids. They love it!
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Mine loved the eggs too - and cottage cheese is a real treat for them - but I neve thought of yogurt and mayo together!
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I better never run out of cat food. Spawn will NOT eat 'people food'. She doesn't even like what I call kitty junk food (cat food like Kit 'n' Kaboodle). She likes the look of kitty treats... but will only bat them around the floor. She'll lick a block of cheese to death, but wouldn't actually eat any of it. She only likes Purina One ~ and only the Salmon flavored one! Anything else and I have a kitty with an attitude.

(okay - so one time she ate a bit of tuna out of the can, and she will eat Campbells Beef and Wild Rice soup, but only the RICE and only off MY spoon!)
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J & S, you don't know how lucky you are! I have 2 cats that will eat just about anything, esp. Sparky.

The other night hubby brought home Taco Bell for us, and Sparky was the first one into the bag! After he wrestled that taco across the room under the table, we just didn't have the heart to take it away from him. He ate half the corn shell and some of the veggies too, not just the meat!

Someone at hubby's work gave us a banana bread for the holidays, and Sparky shredded the tin foil pretty good. Fortunately I caught him in the act so the bread itself wasn't damaged. He rips into bread from the grocery store too, through the plastic and into the loaf.

I don't know he'd be happy with a little scrambled egg and mayo . . . unless maybe I stuffed it between two slices of bread and wrapped it in wax paper!
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Well, we have a rule here in our house. We give the cats people food, especially leftovers, but we always put it in their food bowl or dish. My husband grew up with dogs and said that is a big rule, so they dont think they can just eat any food at any time. We also don't let them on the counters, tables, or any place else that food may be, so that helps. But they seem to have learned that they have to go to their dish to get a taste of whatever and it really is working. No begging, crying, or anything else. I give them a taste if they wait at their bowl. :tounge2:
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Hey Sunlion! Great story. Maybe you should put your groceries in cat-proof containers. Yesterday, I was eating some chicken and rascal was on the table,trying to get at it. If I didn't give him some, he'd meowed until I do. He follows me all over and when I eat, he would put himself infront of me.
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My cats LOVE scrambled egg with cheese in it. If I make myself an omelet, I always make enough for them too!
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I thought Bubbles might be inspired by Hissy's list to try to tempt her kitties' tummies.
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