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Custom Signature Makers?

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Hey All--
After about a half an hour of resizing and uploading my babies are now pictured in my siggy! Yay!

Any of you guys know where I can get one of the fancy-fancy signatures made?

PM me if you'd like to either make one for me or to tell me where to get one made!

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I can make one for you. You will have to provide me with the picture and let me know the size that you like and what text you like to have in your signature.
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Great job! Oliver and Emma are beautiful!
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I might be willing to give it a shot, although I understand the member Cirque (is that right?) does a bang up good job! It looks like many, many, of the custom sigs on here were made by Cirque.
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I make cat signatures for many people on this board as well as a few others and web site design also. So if your interested in one I'd be more than happy to make you one

I did actually get a pm from you asking if I could make you one and of course my answer was yes...I'll do them for anyone. I have sent you an email with all the info you need to know.

Please let me know if you decide to go with someone else,

Thank you

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Cirque has offered to work on mine too, but sometimes I like to change my pics when I am posting about a particular cat in my care at that point in time. Cirque by the way helped me greatly in understanding how to put something in photobucket, copy the site and placing the IMG thingys in the proper areas in my signature line. My problem too has been getting the sizing in the pics correct as you can see.

I love looking at the different signatures at the end of the posts, but when you are taking care of so many its difficult to choose two or three to stick with !
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I'll make one for ya!
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Do you like?
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