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Yes, I've been liberated! I'm free!

From what you ask?

LOL, did you ever think a haircut could make someone so darn happy?

Brief history: I've battled with naturally wavy hair my whole life. And it's not the nice kind of waviness. On humid rainy days my hair just looks a horrid mess unless it's real long (past my shoulders) or real short (like only 3 inches of hair).

I had worn my hair long for a long time, burdening myself with blow dryers and flat irons, perms, straightening and every hair style under the sun.

Until several years ago I completely shaved my head like Ani Difranco...

Love it! LOVED IT! But I was much younger then, and worked exclusively from home so didn't have to worry about what Corporate America thought.

I actually grew it out from shaved long again until two years ago... I hacked it all off and wore it like Joan Jett...

Loved it!

But back in September I decided to let it grow again. Don't ask me why. Maybe because I'm INSANE???

Well that all came to an end today - this letting it grow, battle with the blow-drying during that in-between yucky length - it all ended abruptly. I got it cut again and I feel FREE.

So now it's kinda like Halle Barry's in this photo...

I don't think I'm destined to ever have long hair again...
I think my days of blow dryers, flat irons and time consuming hair rituals are over...

Call me psycho (my husband does), I just had to share
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Congrats!! That's a great, classy style!!!
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Good for you!

Long blonde healthy hair runs in our family and I grew up hearing *OH NO NEVER CUT YOUR HAIR!!* So as a teen, I never did and I ALWAYS wanted too...

Well the other day my 13 year old daughter with the same long blonde hair was sitting in the chair and said she wanted to go short...so I let her! 21" gone!! Her grandma freaked out...and that was worth every penny
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Amy i love it, love it, love it!, and the word to describe it is "Chic!"
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I bet it looks great!

I'm as bad as you with the growing, cutting thing! and that in between stage is always the bain of my life!
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i couldnt forgive my self if i cut my hair that short.
shoulder length is short enough for me

But i know that it does look great on most women
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Fantastic, Amy! So glad you've found the style that makes you most happy with yourself!
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That is a short and sassy cut!
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Oh I bet that is such a wonderful feeling! You can use that extra time you WOULD spend on doing your hair each day to actually do something FUN!
Let's also remember another positive about your 'do: You'll save tons of money on shampoo and conditioner!!!
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Boy it is liberating, isn't it? Especially not having to use a hair dryer.

I went 2 weekends ago to my friend Ginger's hair salon. I told them to hack it all off. I was going to donate another ponytail to Locks of Love. I donated in 2002, 15 inches!!! I was going to donate as much as possible (About 12 inches). But the girls in the salon told me I was crazy. So I let them talk me into 'just a trim'. So I still have the long curly stuff.

But I am sorely tempted to hack it off. Short. You know how long hair makes your shoulders feel pinched, you get upper-backaches??? Once it gets past your waist, all the weight just starts to pull stuff down! Even your FACE!!! I am doing the Princess Leia thing now again with my hair due to the length... wearing it up in braids all the time. Blah. I am so tempted to his the salon and THIS time, fork the hair over to Locks of Love.

Congrats on your Hair Liberation, I bet you look beautiful! Can you take a pic of yourself and post it on here?
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I so know what you mean! I did the same thing a few years back and I doubt I'll ever go back to long hair again. I like it short - so short that I can go out on a windy day and still see where I'm going (even without a hat on!). Washing my hair used to take 20 minutes, drying would take hours. Now I can wash & dry in 5 minutes yippee!

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Thanks everyone

DarkEyedGirl - I've never donated my hair because by the time it's long enough it's usually not in good enough shape from all the torture I've put it through

But my husband, a few years back had hair 1/2 way down his back and cut it super short - he donated to Locks of Love. He had the most gorgeous thick straight dark hair

And yes Sue, you are SOOOO right. It is VERY difficult to go back to blow drying and all that once you've had short hair! Even more so once you've had a shaved head I am shocked I was able to let it grow long again after I had shaved it, but I just don't have the patience anymore. It doesn't help that my hair just isn't cooperative AT ALL when it's anywhere between ear-length and shoulder length
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That's good that you found a hairstyle thats right for you!!
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This is hilarious! My Mom always cut my hair short when I was younger. All I wanted was long hair, and now I have it.
I did cut it short once, after I got a divorce. And while it was easy to wash, I didn't like having to go in for a trim regularly! Now I am long and straight, and I just wash, brush, and let it air dry as I head to work. And if it takes me 2-3 months to get around to the next trim, no problem!
Funny how we have the same goal, but different solutions! Glad you're happy with your new do!
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