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SO tired of cleaning up poop!

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The Coconuts were doing so well with litter training and now all of a sudden they are all pooping and peeing everywhere! What is going on?!?!? I'm so done tonight that Ive confined them back in a kitty condo with a litterbox, a sleeping soft sided house and a shelf. I am seriously so done with the poop on the floor. They all still have *soft* stools and I'm tired of the stains, the scrubbing and the smell. Any suggestions? I've seriously cleaned up at least 8 presents today alone.
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Aren't these kittens about six weeks old? They're still pretty young.

I think you have the right idea isolating them with mamacat in close proximity to litter box. They still have a lot to learn.

And I'm sure you know about using the enzyme cleaners to get rid of the "trace" scent they left behind, so they don't continue using those areas once you re-introduce them into the house.

Sounds like you are showing a lot of patience, so just hang in there!
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At six weeks old what did you expect? If the litterbox isn't cleaned and scooped regularly they will go elsewhere, that is just their instinct. But seriously at 6 weeks old, they shouldn't have the run of the house because you will have poop everywhere, especially if they are ill-
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And mama cat has already been spayed and adopted out because of the health issues we've had with these guys, we needed them eating solid food not trying to nurse anymore - Chloe wasn't producing enough milk, and they weren't eating with her around.

They hadn't had free run of the house until about a week ago - should I go back to keeping them confined to one room?
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Yep keep them in one room with several litter pans. Until they get the hang of litter pan manners. Be sure the room has ample things for kittens to do, to climb etc...But remember, they haven't been in the world but 9 weeks. That is not a lot of time for them to learn what is expected of them.
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We keep ours semi confined for about 10 weeks or so...they get periods of time out with us and I watch like a hawk..any signs of needing to potty and I pick them right back up and show them where to go.

They need to be confined with supervised outings...and those messes, you need to get rid of the odor so they are not attracted to those spots.

We had this issue when we had 6 fosters about 6 weeks and had to leave all of a sudden for two days...my mom let them all out and they started to poop under a desk.

When I came back, we had to do the training all over again. I saturated the spots with an enzyme cleaner, a lot of fabreze and covered the spots with boxes so they could not even get there...it worked...they all went into their new homes potty trained.
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It certainly can't hurt them (or you) to keep them in a small room for a couple of days. Have they had fecals done yet? They could be a little worm-y, or maybe have a tiny stomach bug. If you have a room w/tile or some other non-carpeted surface (for ease of cleaning) I'd pop em in there for a few days so you don't go bonkers. If not, maybe you could get a big tarp from Home Depot or something and throw it on the floor in a small-ish room? I'm not surprised that they're not yet entirely potty trained--but, if they WERE using the box and have stopped, that could indicate some sort of health issue--maybe you should pop em by the vet just in case!
Hang in there! It's like having NINE infants all at once!!
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I've put them back in the kitty condo, and no accidents. Not one. Of course they are unhappy being in there, but I will do the supervision thing and make sure we are not having accidents before I let them have free run again. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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*waving at YaYasMom*

Have the babies finished with their meds yet? You know, a prolonged course of antibiotics can cause a little stomach imbalance and soft stools.

I agree with confining them, even though they are sad about it - bless their hearts, they have had a time of it, haven't they? I usually do the same thing with my babies until they get the hang of it. And when they are ready to explore the house at large, I place small litter pans in every room, just in case. Little ones can't seem to hold it as long and they do have accidents if they don't see a pan nearby when they realize they gotta go now! Too busy playing and being kittens for such potty business! *grin*

As for the stains, I hear ya ... *sigh* ... get you a nice big bucket of hot water and pour some Oxy-Clean in with it. Get a nice large rag and saturate the area first, allowing it to sit a minute before wiping it up. If you have a carpet shampoo'er, you can put Oxy-Clean in with your water. Just don't use your regular shampoo. You don't need anything but the Oxy-Clean and hot water.

Allow the areas you cleaned to air-dry and then use the Nature's Miracle or other enyzamatic-type cleaner. You can also put the Nature's Miracle in with your water in the carpet shampoo'er.

This should pretty much eliminate the odor and the stains, and if you put a little litter pan in every room the kittens have access to, you might find the accidents happening a little less frequently.

Remember to breathe ... or not until after you cleaned good. *wink*
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