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What's one more critter?

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Looks like I am going to open our home to a baby bunny. The gal rescued it from a neighbor and she has been looking for a home for it with no results. Little boy bunny who will be loved and looked after until he no longer needs me. I have to wait till the rain stops and scrub out the hutch big time, last occupants were the baby skunks.
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Skunks?? OH hissy, you are a brave lady!
I had a bunny a few years back and he was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. He used to sleep all sprawled out and liked it under a blanket where it was warm. We used to let him run loose in the house until he decided to eat all of our remote control buttons and other rubber wires and cords. Yikes, thank god he never got a shock.
Hope you enjoy your new found furry friend!
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post that pic of you bottlefeeding the skunk. I love that photo!
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Tell me if you will if this photo shows here? Someone just told me none of the photos posted are showing?

Babies being investigated by Bartee
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Notice, I am NOT cuddling this baby! LOL

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I love that picture!
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I remember that pic, love it!
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Okay, I'm having a photo comprehension problem here. The second photo in the first post, the one entitled "Babies being investigated by Bartee", what actually am I looking at?

To me, it looks like the trunk of elephant wearing a black fur nose mitten, sniffing into a tub of captive paper towel rolls. Now that might make sense in someone's world . . .
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Hissy, what an adorable photo of you feeding that baby skunk. Skunk or not, its cute!!!
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I think its a beautiful black kitty peering over the side of a kiddie pool looking at a teensy black and white skunk baby. Thats what i see

MaryAnne...how on earth did you end up with a litter of baby skunks to bottle feed ??? You're braver than I am
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Melissa is right, that is half of a body of Bartee the Curious who was investigating the latest arrivals. He of course had a Close Encounter of a Smelly Type and he had to suffer later (with a bath) Even though they are baby skunks, they still smell...

And Melissa, I have a friend that rescues wild critters and when her house is on overload, I get the remainders to raise and then send to rehab then release
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Baby skunks are so cute!
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Okay, I can see the little skunk now, and I suppose that pointy bit could be a kitty nose but that part still isn't clear to me. But it's me! I thought Cleo's dress in the tiger costume photo was a catsuit, so I know I'm blind! I guess that's what happens when you get old and your eyes go!
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Those babies are soooooo adorable!!! smelly or not they are cute And you are so great to take in all these poor little critters, absolutely wonderful. :flower:

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