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Hello! I am new to the forum, and wanted to introduce myself. My boyfriend and I have a cat Simba, we got him for a shelter about 7 months ago. He was sick when we got him, but has recovered very well, into a very healthy cat. We are getting ready to move about 11 hours away, we are renting a Uhaul and doing everything ourselves. My question is what is the best way to travel for 11 hours with a cat? Anything information would be helpful, as I am not sure the best way. He doesn't have a problem being in the car, we have taken him a couple times, and he doesn't seem to mind. Please let me know if you have any advice on this situation.
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Welcome to the site Molly!

I'll move this to the Care & Grooming forum where people can give you advice about long trips with cats. I know some of our members have done it successfully.
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If he travels well in the car, all you should need is a large enough carrier to but a small litter box in the back. You can buy food and water dishes that attach to the front of the cage. I would freeze the water the night before, that way it doesnt splash around in the carrier, and he can drink if he's thirsty.
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Please make sure the carrier is large enough for the box and for him to curl up and move a little..a large pet crate, for a medum sized dog or larger would be great. Anything smaller and I could not imagine it being comfy for that long of time.

I would also put in anything that is his...that he enjoys and even a tshirt or baby blanket that has your scent on it...so he can smell familiar things.
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