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Just watched Planet of the Apes

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Have to say it was over the top better than the original and the way it ended was great! Wonderful set decoration and makeup. They couldn't make General Thade look any more evil could they? Heartily endorse watching this video if you haven't already.
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I just bought it yesterday on DVD! I admit, that when it came out I didn't want to see it because the original looked fake & stupid. I never saw the original, but was impressed with this one! The DVD is very well made, too.... They show the stunt tests, makeup tests, etc. They filmed the water scene (the part towards the end) at Lake Powell, AZ! Gee, General Thade was evil! :evilalien: a bit nutty, too, if you ask me! :LOL: I was kind of sad when the other general died
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Thanks for the review Hissy!!! I am really looking forward to seeing this one! I wanted to see it when it was in the theater here, but one of my cats was sick that night, so I had to take it to the vets, instead of going with everyone to see the movie. But I am going to rent it as soon as possible!!!!!!!!
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I really dreaded watching this and it was all hubby was yapping about. I bought it for him the other night on DVD and sat down to watch all set to hate it. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I could not stand the originals - but this one got thumbs up from me!
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I think this is one of the first DVD's to utilize the angle feature on DVD players. Perhaps Santa will bring one for me...

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I have to say......I thought the effects were great, but I was disappointed with the film....I thought it was bit cheesy and it didn't really hold my attention .....but thats just my opinon!! Im sure I love some films that most peole think absolutely suck!! ha ha ha ha
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Mrs. Bill and myself went to the theater (a rare occasion these days) to see this particular piece of work. Having high expectations based on Tim Burton's track record, I've gotta tell ya, I was much disappointed.

Beautiful, yes!

Mark Wahlberg an actor, not a prayer!

Cheap shots at the original I didn't care for, like the "damn dirty apes/human" line, Charlton Heston (Capt. NRA, heavily made-up) decrying weapons, not so subtle shot at Christianity (the line about the "intelligent" apes knowing that wasn't true)...

Anyway, Mrs. Bill enjoyed it more than I, for what its worth. Too much comic relief for my expectations.

Most redeeming aspect: I had a date with my wife and we had coffee and dessert after.

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Oh yeah Bill?!! How was the dessert?!! ha ha ha ha ha.....
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Well...um, you see, there was...um, whipped cream and...um, caramel...it's all a blur!

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Sounds TASTY Bill!!
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saw this in the theatre. I thought it was okay. Didn't love it or hate it. My boyfriend enjoyed it.

I agree Bill, to call Marky Mark an actor is kind of like calling my cat a baker, because she makes biscuits.
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I just gotta say I love the "Mrs. Bill and myself" reference. The best we usually get around here is "hubby". Thanks for a chuckle.
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