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Kitty "puking"

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One of my kitties (CeeCee, which has recently had a peeing problem that the vet believed was a UTI and has been medicated for it) has recently been throwing up/spitting up rather frequently.

We had recently (about a month ago) changed their food from Cat Chow to the Cat Chow Indoor cat formula (all 3 of my cats are indoor only cats), and had some tummy upsets due to this for a little while. We also have to be quite careful with how much/often we feed our kitties, cause my Gracie is a piggy and will eat so much so fast that she'll almost immediately throw it up.

However, for the last week or so, CeeCee has been spitting up. She will usually throw up food once a day (sometimes with hair, partially digested) and then will spit up clear/yellowish fluid that will sometimes have hair/hair clumps a couple times a day. Some days she'll do it 3 - 4 times, some days not at all. They have never had hairballs before, but I'm thinking that that is what CeeCee's problem is.

Anyone with any ideas? Help? Solutions? Thanks in advance!!

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Hairballs can be a real issue causing blockages and other problems. You need to start feeding your cat hairball medicine to push the hair through. And get your cat off of cat chow, slowly introduce a better quality food- IAMS, Eukanuba, any of the better quality brand cat foods out there. The food introduction needs to be done slowly, or stomach upset and vomitting will occur. If the kitty becomes dehydrated, get her to the vet quickly.
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Is that what you think it is? Hairballs? I've never had any experience with hairballs in cats (shocking considering the number of cats I've had). Are some cats just more prone/sensitive to them than others?
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