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Dani not eating much

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Dani is on Tapazole. She has lately not been eating her wet food, which she used to love. Also, she hardly eats the dry.

I know her metabolism is fluctuating, and I wonder if it is normalizing, and she does not need as much food as she used to, and this is normal. She is still pooping.

I also wonder if she is just sick of the food. I was considering changing to another brand....but I don't know.

We have a followup Vet appt. in a week, to test her thyroid levels.

Last night she had A LOT of energy. I don't know if this is her thyroid levels getting normal, or this IS DANI..... Maybe she is energetic, and I have not seen it because ever since we have had her, (2 months) she has been sick.

Any opinions as to whether I should try a different food, or wait until the Vet appt. next week.

I also know that tapazole could stiffle appetite. This is very hard to figure out.

Thanks anyone with advice.
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I would just keep an eye on her litter box to make sure she is eating some and drinking. I would also watch to make sure she is staying somewhat active and alert. My guess is that her body is adjusting to the new medication and thyroid function. I would keep her on the same food, if you change now it could upset her tummy. If she remains fairly normal except for the eating habits, I would just wait until your vet visit and discuss options with them.
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Thanks Sandie
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Vjoy, I knew I had read about the Tapazole at some point. I went back and found it. It may give you a little more insite on the Tapazole.

Methimazole (Tapazole Rx) is the only pharmaceutical product that I know of in the U.S. for the treatment of hyperthyroidism on a maintenance basis. It interferes with the synthesis of thyroid hormones, which lowers the amount produced by the over-active thyroid gland. It must be given lifelong if the
diagnosis of hyperthyroidism is accurate. It causes side effects in approximately 20% of the cats it is administered to and serious side effects requiring withdrawal of the medication in a small number but I am not sure what percentage that might be. Serious side effects include bone marrow suppression, liver damage or kidney damage. Loss of appetite from the medication can occur and is a serious side effect if it goes on for more than two or three days. I think that most veterinarians probably consider radioactive iodine therapy (best) or surgical removal of the effected thyroid gland to be preferable to long term treatment with methimazole but I also know that is not universally true. It is generally a good idea to monitor the blood count, liver and kidney chemistry values and T4 level while on this medication, at least periodically. Most textbooks recommend checking these levels every 2 or 3 weeks after initiating therapy until it is clear the medication is working and not causing serious side effects and then monitoring less often, perhaps every 3 to 12 months.
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Sandie, thank you

Yes I know of all this. For now, we have her on the meds. If it is called for in the future, we will probably have the iodine treament done, I believe it is safer than surgery.
Actually, I wrote a post under "Behavior" because I was concerned about her being jittery. Actually, Saturday and Sunday she became outright scared of everything!
WELL, a friend who has grown up with cats all her life, helped us analyze why she could be so afraid all of a sudden. We concluded something I had not thought of. My husband has been home the last week for Thanksgiving week..... And although he is not hurting her, or pinning her down anymore for her meds, we thought, "why should she be upset all of a sudden?"..... Well my friend, once she heard that hubby was home all week, said "THAT'S IT!!".
She said the routine had been broken up, and Dani did not know what to expect next. She has only been with us for over 2 months, and most of what she has known is medicine related, or the surgery.
So she got used to the pattern of hubby going to work. Last week, with him home everything was all different.
Well the theory seems to have worked. Today he went back to work, and she is eating again, and seems much more relaxed.
I guess the diagnosis is that she just needs consistancy and security. Anything out of the ordinary at this point freaks her out.
I just hope she adjusts a bit, the more she is with us, cause there are gonna be days we do things differently, and I hate to see her so scared.
Anyway, thanks Sandie....We take her to the Vet on Saturday for her first blood level check on her meds....
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