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Cats like those who don't like them?

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I understand it may have to do with eye contact and body posture, but why do many cats persist in paying attention to those who can't stand them?

For example, I have two friends whom you could not call cat lovers.

One is allergic and one was never brought up with animals of any kind and just has no interest in them and thinks they are a stinky bother.

Both of these friends drop in from time to time, and the odd thing is that Lovey who doesn't care for too many people, let alone on first meet, will jump right into their laps!
Its always with these two and no other friends, even the friends who try to give him kisses and pets.

But they sit down, he will jump into their lap or rub himself against their legs.
They will brush him off their laps, he will jump up, they brush him off, he jumps up, I go pick him up off them, etc...

Its just very strange. I heard that it could be their indifference and their lack of eye contact. But, is this all it is? and if so, why?
Anyone know?

The flipside of this is that we had two strangers over last week (who were work friends of BF).
One of these guys started to play "like a guy" with Lovey, rubbing his stomach and trying to roll him around on the floor (in a nice way).
I said immediately "don't play with him with your hands like that. He WILL bite you. He doesn't like that".

He said, "oh ,don't worry, i have had lots of cats".

Just then Lovey had had enough and reached over and fanged this guy good, breaking skin.
I felt really bad, but I DID warn him.
I gave him some anti-biotic and a bandage and reminded him that I warned him.

Should I put him in the bedroom in the future if this person or someone like him comes over or how am to even know that would happen?
Is a simple warning ok to guests?

I don't think it was Lovey's fault. This is just how he reacts..He doesn't do that with me or people he loves.

Just some questions if anyone knows the answers..

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No, don't put your Lovey away. I have a biter, too. When people come over, Zorro acts like the coolest, sweetest thing on the planet. (he is, to me ) but if you pet him "too much" he DOES BITE. I warn people ahead of time, telling them which cats will sit on them, which cats will run from them, and which cat will take a chunk of skin off!

I'd never lock my boy up, though. It's his house, not the guests.
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Thanks, I don't really want to. I think this will make it look like all strangers mean bad things for him.

I just don't understand 1) why he loves my friends that hate him and 2) why people don't listen to a warning and what my responsibility is if he does take a chunk of skin off them..I do warn everyone..And I specifically said to this guy, "don't do what you are doing right at this minute. HE WILL BITE. Lovey hates his stomach rubbed..He will tolerate me doing it but he doesn't even like strangers to pet him too much, let alone rub him and roll him around! Ack.

I just find it strange the two polar opposites of reaction out of him.

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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
No, don't put your Lovey away.

I'd never lock my boy up, though. It's his house, not the guests.
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You know, whenever I visit friends with cats/dogs, I would never dare pet them or make the first move to "get acquainted". I let the animal know me first. It's their territory and even if they've met me before, I wait for them to greet me first.
I think Lovey likes your noncatperson friends. He doesn't care if they don't feel the same about him. The same with the guy he bit. Lovey just told him in his feline way "you ain't my buddy pal".
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I've always heard (and have seen it in my own cats) that cats will be all over those who DONT like them, even compared to ones who are so-so about cats. The person has to have a strong dislike and that is who the cat targets.

My theory: kitty is punishing the cat hater. If he just like people he'd go for the ones who like him too. I think cats a little bit psychic really, and they want those who dislike to be taught a lesson. (ppl who dont like cats can really freak out when one is rubbing their leg LOL)
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Yep, it's the cat's house not the guests and cats really won't go where they're not wanted. They know. I watch our puppy Sandy and she just goes everywhere, loves everyone, doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks of her....kitties are on a different frequency entirely. If your guest is there for any length of time, though, I'd work a win-win for your kitty and your guest not going all out for one or the other but gently making a small change or two so that each feels somewhat of a win-win.
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My father-in-law is really afraid of cats (and dogs). So what does Jamie, usually a "chicken" with company, do as soon as he sees him? Unties his shoelaces, jumps up on his shoulder, knocks his hat off, and sits on his head!
A friend's s.o. loves cats, but can't have them as long as he's living with her, because she's allergic to them, and has tried everything to no avail. When they visit, Jamie either completely ignores him, or becomes aggressive, meaning he goes over to the guy and plays skunk (expresses his anal glands, preferably in the guy's face), behavior which is usually reserved for vets. The guy is really disappointed, and can't understand what he's "doing wrong" (nothing).
Jamie doesn't like kids, and gave our nephew a rough time, e.g., swatted and nipped him, until his voice broke, and he became an "adult". Erik is now afraid of him, so Jamie climbs all over him, tries to cuddle, etc..
Some cats just seem to be contrary by nature.
I tell people to just ignore him, and put him upstairs in the bedrooms when he starts to act up.
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
No, don't put your Lovey away.
I'd never lock my boy up, though. It's his house, not the guests.

i agree! i have several friends who are allergic, and fewer who are not cat people, and they are always the ones my cats climb on! the cats live here, i'm not going to lock up my kids just because someone comes over and doesn't like kids, so why would i do that to my cats, they're my babies too!
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All good points guys!
And again, don't worry! You really think I would lock that little baby away? ha.
He would tell me what for if I tried that...and I couldn't really do it, I don't think.

Its so true..I find your stories so strangely similiar...
These friends (who aren't mean to cats by the way, just have no use for 'em) really DON'T like cats..and Lovey jumps right into their laps..Its the weirdest thing.

I secretly love it when he does it to my friend who is a proclaimed animal disliker.
He just keeps brushing him off and looking perturbed and Lovey jumps right back up!
He doesn't do this with ANYONE. Weird.

These little ones really are psychic or supernatural or something..Hmm..

I don't understand the guy he bit though. If someone tells me a cat doesn't bite, I don't even motion towards that cat (or dog or ..) as Yayi said.
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I have noticed this too..I personally think the cats are trying to win them over lol
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