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suggestions please

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I found a young mom and litter of 4 kittens (approx. 3 weeks old) in the crawl space of our office building. I have no experience with a stay cat and litter. I would like to try to find them homes, but I don't want to act prematurely. However, the owner is about to to start painting building and I am concerned about paint fumes, etc.

Anyone have advice, suggestions or guidance? It would be most welcome.
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Is the momcat friendly? Could she just be someone's pet they kicked out of the house when she became pregnant? (a common scenario) You should try and get her into her home if you can with her kittens. The fumes will drive her away, or harm her before she can move the nest.
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oohh.. they're so lucky you found them! They definitely should be taken out of the building. I think you should make a decision if you can take care of them yourself or take them to a cat rescue or a shelter. Just make sure it's a "NO KILL" type.

good luck!
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It isn't clear from your post whether or not you are willing to take this queen and her kittens in until they are ready to go to their new homes ... if you can't or don't want to make the committment to them, as RarePuss has suggested, contact your local no-kill shelter or rescue to see if anyone has a place for them. It is the height of kitten season at the moment, so your chances of finding someone to assist you increase greatly if you ARE willing to take them into your home ... maybe you could offer to foster these cats for them if they would be willing to help you obtain low-cost spay and vaccines/testing for the Momma and to assist with placement of the kittens.

Best of luck,

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