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Any Hosta fanatics out there???

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As I have mentioned in several posts I take gardening very seriously.

I have several collections of perennials but I would say hosta's are my most plant collected. A guesstimate would be at least 250 cultivars. Probably over 1000 hosta plants alone. I try to limit my purchase by increasing my collection of hostas by 10% (do the math!!) but sometimes I exceed my limit That is why I have a private plant sale annually-to defray the cost of my plant spending over year. (You really don't want to know!!) This is the time of year that ramps up my garden spending. Just got a plant list from a local nursery and I'm drooling already.

So anyone as fanatic as I and share ideas???
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Well, I know what hostas are, because my mom would definitely fit into the "hosta fanatic" category! Every time I talk to her, she's gotten more hostas. She has a huge yard, and already has hundreds.
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Hey Gail, I love 'em! I don't have nearly as much shade for them as I used to though!
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I am not a hosta fanatic yet but my house is mostly under shade and I have been looking at several different varieties. I really want to get several but I don't know which ones. Would love to hear what everyones favorites are and any tips on raising them.
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I'm not so much a fanatic, but I love the ones I've got. We just moved into a house with some beautiful mature hostas planted all along the garage in the back. Now if I can just figure out how to take care of them...
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My sister gave me a division off her Guacamole which I have been drooling over for several years. It just finally got big enough to divide. Now I'm just looking for the perfect spot for it. I would be a hosta fanatic if I had the time, money, and energy !
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I have 4 or 5 hostas that I intereted from the old owners of this house - they are huge! 3+ feet in diameter. I want to split them up - they are taking over my sidewalk - but since I would not be sure of what I was doing , I don't to bad though - those little numbs are up and coming fast! Each bed of nubs is at least a foot in diameter. Not to mention the ferns--- I hate the ferns.
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Its quite easy to divide. One of two methods. Either dig the whole plant up, knock off as much soil as possible and "pull" it apart. I do mine this way as I maximize the amount I can sell and replant. Once one starts growing as many as me that may not work for all varieties -you may have to cut apart. Or just take a spade and chop off a few pieces and replant. They are VERY TOUGH!!!! and don't need lots of roots. Either now or the next 2-3 weeks would be a good time to divide. If you can't replant right away-put in garbage bag and in a cool area for up to a week.

Good cultivars to get: Sum and Substance (BIG), June, Blue Mammoth, Big Daddy, Cherry Berry, Sagae, Striptease, Northern Halo #6, Wide Brim, Gold Standard ok I'll stop now!!
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Gail, once again I have let Blue Angel get waaaaay past the optimum dividing time. He's all the way up and unfurled. I really need to divide these things (there are three and they're outgrowing their location.) How well do they take dividing when they're up and this big? I know they're tough, but I don't want to set the divisions back too much.
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I can't claim to be a fanatic -- I can't even really claim to be a gardener! (Rob's the one with the green thumb.) But I do enjoy them, and we have a few. There are a couple of nicely developed specimens in our back yard -- cultivar? No idea. And a couple of years ago, Rob started working toward a shade garden in the front. We ordered, among other things, a few hostas, and got some others from his Mum, who has a lovely shade garden. We weren't very optimistic last year about the new plantings, but this year they are looking a lot more encouraging. We may have a pleasant shade garden yet -- yeah, just in time to move, probably!
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Gail, you're something! That sounds incredible...all those hostas. Can't say I'm crazy over them, but I am obsessed with dahlias.
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Dinner plate dahlias?? Do you have to dig the tubers to overwinter them-that is such a pain!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
Dinner plate dahlias?? Do you have to dig the tubers to overwinter them-that is such a pain!!

Sasha helps! It's something we do together and QKT (Quality Kitty Time).
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