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chewing on wires

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Limerick has a new game he likes to play.... it's called "how long can I play with the wires behind the TV or Mom's computer, before I get dragged out." He jumps over the baskets I have blocking those areas. He does like to hide behind my tapes in my TV stand, and that ok, but it's when I find him playing withthe wire when I get him out of there. We used a thing called "Bitter Apple" when he had the same problem with our dog, but that was after she ate the couch, but that's a different story.

Will bitter apple work on the wires with out shorting them out? The last think I want to do is ruin my computer. Will it work on cats? I don't want to wires to be even more apealing. Thanks!!
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You don't want your cat chewing on wires period. You can go to radio shack and get some tube flex and wrap your wires with that.Or you can measure the length to the wires, cut boards that shape, and tape the wires to the board. Flip the board over so the board is facing the cat not the wires.
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Bitter Apple, IMO, doesn't work.
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If you get a bunch of twisty-ties (the kind you use to close up garbage bags) and tie all the wires together, then get some strong tape (clear packing tape works well, and tape the bundled wires to either the back of your desk, the floor or the wall (if your desk is up against a wall--just tape them to whatever is easiest and most aesthetically pleasing to you) and, once the wires aren't able to move around and wiggle, kitty won't be interested anymore!
You can buy the radio shack things as well, and they're a little more aesthetically pleasing, but if you don't feel like shelling out any $$ the tape and twisty ties works fine--you probably have some of those already.

Goooood luck!
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