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Birthday Ideas

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Does anyone have any suggestions on something to do for a B/F for his birthday?

I had originally wanted to take him to this place called Sylvias, its a restaurant where they have dinner theatre, the whole thing goes from 6 to 10 pm and is supposed to be a lot of fun.
Then I called them and found out the price...$39.95 per person, plus drinks, and of course gratuities.
This really isnt that much money for a night out, but with it being right after Thanksgiving, and right before Christmas, I just cant do it.

His B-day is Nov. 30...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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how about buying him a couple of his favorite movies, some microwave popcorn, movie candy, favorite soda, wrap it all up in a basket or something, and tell him it's a night out? Then spend his birthday curled up on the couch eating junk food and watching the movies.

my SI is so hard to buy for. for X-mas so far I have gotten him the first season of sopranos and the first season of the simpsons because he loves those shows.

I wish I had some better ideas I'll keep thinking on it.
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but since you are so handy with the computer, (and I know you are, I got your cd!) you could make him one of those coupon books. You know with coupons for a homecooked meal, one movie rental, his choice, one load of laundry, etc.
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set up some candles and a blanket in your living room, bring in some potted plants or whatever and just have a romantic picnic on the floor of your living room? I have done this when funds are low, turn down the lights and just enjoy each other!
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I think Hissy's idea sounds wonderful and so does AP's. My husband would much rather stay home and spend quiet quality time. Of course, if your bf is a "going out guy" than maybe that won't work!! But I like the idea of movies and popcorn or a candlelight dinner.
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You could always get take-out from his favorite restaurant, and have that instead of a picnic fare. But my hubby likes to stay home as well and going out is sometimes more trouble than it's worth for him. I am sure whatever you do, it will be extra special.
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Sounds like you have gotten some excellent ideas here!!!
Also, how about just putting on that cat suit, put a big red bow on your head, and telling him your all his for the night, and his wish is your command! I think any man I know would think that was the best present he ever had!!! ( I know my man would, if I looked like you!!)

I think the romantic dinner with candles is a good idea, too, and then maybe take him by the hand and lead him to a big tub full of bubble bath, surrounded by candles, I don't think he would have any complaints! And maybe watch a video later. (with popcorn)
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I'm with the other ladies. If you can't go out, have a romantic evening in. My hubby would love it if I made his favorite meal and cracked open a bottle of wine and lit candles in the bedroom. Actually, he'd love it if I'd iron all his button shirts! I'm not terribly domestic . . .
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Greet him at the door with a teddy and a good bottle of champagne, followed by a nice romantic candlelit bubblebath.
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I'd have to go with the champagne and bubble bath, but feed him strawberries dipped in chocolate and whipped cream... you can always get some body paint and have some real creative fun....mmmmmmm...
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Behave yourself KF.... :LOL:
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Cleo :daisy:

Did you get any good ideas that you liked? :LOL: I hope you have a great time and I'm sure you will...what a lucky dude to have such a pretty lady! (inside and out of course)

Love ya,
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