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sick kitten, please help!!

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hello cat lovers, i have a problem and i hope someone can please help me. we have a "shop" cat at my husbands business, and on easter sunday, momma cat (her name) had a litter of four kittens, all were well, we did however had one runt. a little black kitten, but he was always full of might, he always followed the biggest kitten around, and had an attitude like, "whatever he can do, I can do too." so we named him Mighty. everyone was walking and eating well, Mighty, was always a little wobbly. and yesterday, my husband noticed that Mighty was curled up, face down in the litterbox. shivering like crazy and very weak. while momma cat and the other kittens were in their house. one problem that mighty has seemed to always have is constant urine leaking from his penis. even before we noticed him getting sick. he has always been very small.
so last night at around 8 o clock, i met the vet at his office, and Mighty had a high fever, 104. the vet said he had an infection, but did not seem to know. he gave him an antibiotic shot and some take home ammoxicillion. also gave me a wormer to give mighty. and some canned cat food. said to come back thursday of friday. last night, mighty would not eat or drink. and this morning, he was purring and drank water and ate some food. but still very whiney. ( i think he might just miss mom) what do you think? is he gonna make it ? is it someting serious? i don't want to put him through and pain.
please let me know what you think. Thank you for your time.
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I would think it would be too soon to say for definite right now if he will make it or not. I know that usually the stress of the vet office and shot can make kittens sleep for the day afterwards. So it is a good sign that he is drinking and eating today. Just be sure to keep him warm!

I'm sure the experts around will have more advice for you. Good luck to Mighty!
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I would go to this website www.kitten-rescue.com and look up the ingredients for Kitten Glop. I would get all the ingredients it states, the vitamin drops, the GSE and start feeding Mighty this. Also keep this kitten warm and comforted as much as you can. He may miss mom but while he is sick, she will not let him nurse off her and would more than likely abandon him somewhere.
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I am holding you and little Mighty (bless his heart) so very close to my heart. Please let us know how he is doing ... how is he handling the antibiotics, is he trying to eat/drink or play at all? How old is he? Has he urinated normally today?
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thank you all soooo much! this morning all seemed good. he was walking around quite a bit, and ate a bit of canned cat food. drank a little water. and even liked ( i think )the bubble gum flavored antibiotics. played a very little this morning. but this afternoon from 11 pm to 3:30 he slep very soundly. like stitch said prob. very tired from vet yesterday. i asked my hubby for a second opinion, so we don't have to get the vet out of bed tonight. and he thought he looked o.k. i am worried because he won't eat or drink anything this afternoon. my hubby filled a dropper of water and mighty drank it right up, and then crawled back in is carrier to lay on the warm heating pad. but not before peeing on my desk. LOL!! I am sooo thankful it was a good quality pee. i hope tonight goes well. thank you all for your blessings. if anyone else has any info. please let me know!! cassie
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