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Prayers Please

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My husband just called me from work. His cousin's son (23-24 yrs old) just had a terrible accident on the farm. A tractor turned over on him and he has collapsed lungs, crushed foot, severed liver with severe bleeding and several broken ribs. He is in hospital and in serious condition. Please send a prayer for him. Thanks to all of you.

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Lots of prayers from here, keep us updated!
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OHH that's awful! Sending "get well" vibes and prayers his way... Hang in there..

Pls keep us posted about this.
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Linda thats awful! He's certainly in my thoughts.
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oh no! I'm so sorry! I will be praying for you guys and hoping for the best.
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thats awful...... hoping he get's better
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Thank you all. I am amazed he is still with us. When I was a kid one of our neighbours has this happen to him and he died almost instantly.

We are praying really hard here. Our daughter always played with these kids at the family reunion picnics and one of his other cousins lost their 18 yr. old daughter in a car crash. So much for one family to go through.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you informed as we are updated.
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Oh my! Sending lots of prayers and hugs! I hope he is alright!
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Linda, prayers are flying. I hear of these accidents all the time in my area. It is amazing what the kids can live through- so here is hoping-
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Prayers from down here! This is a farming area and we're always hearing about accidents like this.
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Linda, I´m sorry to heard that... my prayers for the cousin of your husband..
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I will keep all of you in my prayers and hope the young man recovers quickly.
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Keeping you all in my thoughts Linda - I hope he is out of danger soon and recovers quickly
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Major prayers coming to you from GA. Please keep us updated. Hugs for you and your hubby
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I'm so sorry - he'll most definitely be in my thoughts.
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Your cousin will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers linda *hugs*.
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He is in my prayers, Linda, that he will have a swift recovery from this tragic accident. Thank you for keeping us informed.
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Keeping him and your family in my thoughts, here's hoping the resilience of youth will be a help.
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I'm sending my prayers his way.
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My prayers are with your cousin's son.
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He is in my prayers.
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Before I log off here at work (shame on me), I want to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

You are just the greatest group of persons out there!

Thanks again.

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You've got them until he recovers!
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Lots of prayers coming for you and your family.
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Oh my goodness Linda,I'm so sorry! I will be praying for him,let us know how he's doing.
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Lotsa prayers, Linda. So sorry to hear of this terrible accident. Praying for a complete recovery. Please keep us updated about his progress.
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Linda, he is in my thoughts! As is the rest of the family.
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Linda, mega vibes heading his way. I'll will keep you all in my thoughts.
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OH LINDA, I am so sorry, I just saw this! Prayers coming immediately for your husbands cousin and for your family as well. My cousin Rhonda was run over by a tractor as a child and although she was in a body cast for nearly 8 months she had a full recovery. Please let us know how he is doing. Hugs
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Dear Linda

Of course you can count on me to pray for your cousin's son. I'm so sorry this happened.
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