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I am having problems introducing my new 3 month old kitty to my 2, 5 year old cats. I followed all the steps to the introduction process and one of my cats has to be locked up in order for the kitten to spend time outside her room. I feel aweful that I have to lock up one of the adult cats so that the kitty can walk freely without being beat up. My other cat just hisses and growls if the kitten gets to close other than that we only had one issue where she showed agressive behavior towards her. The cat we have to lock up is very aggresive towards the kitten and did attack her. We keep the kitty in her room most of the day until we can lock up the other cat to let her out. I don't know what to do. I love all three cats and can't bare to give any of them up, but I also don't want to keep the kitty on constant confindment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.