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TV dinners

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Hate to admit it - but my favorite cooking lately is TV Dinners.
Just LOVE that frozen corn in there. How do they do that?
Can't get that corn taste in any other way but TV dinners!:tounge2:
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The best frozen meals I've ever had are the Boston Market. Thier turkey medallions and mashed potatoes are awesome! For awhile there my SI and I were living on frozen meals, but I started to feel guilty about not cooking more. So lately I've been making dinner more often.
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great article Sandie! thanks for that
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Cool little bit of trivia Sandie!

I can't remember the last time I had a TV dinner...maybe I'll buy some when I run out of turkey...if that ever happens! :LOL:
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Great story - where do you find this stuff?
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LOL, I don't know why I do it, I guess I like to know the things that will never seem to come in handy enough
Whenever I want to look something on the net up, I use google as my search engine. There are also 2 sites I go look through alot. There is www.about.com and www.howstuffworks.com.
I am not much for TV dinners (hubby likes them) I think my favorite in the frozen food section is the junk food and the Hot Pockets
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I always keep frozen dinners handy for those nights hubby works late and me and the kids can "fast food" it. I like the Stouffers or even the Lean Quisine. A lot of the meals are really good. But I try not to eat them too often because of the preservatives.
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I do the same thing! Gotta have a back up just in case! I'm just trying to get out of the habit of relying on them so much. BJs (which is like a sams club) sells these chicken & moneray jack cheese chimichangas. They are 18 for $9.99, which is a great price. My SI loves them. I warm them up in the microwave with a little queso on top and he'd rather have that than any frozen meal. I've never tried one but he swears by them.
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Sandie, I have google as my search engine too, it seems to work better for me than the others... :LOL: Thanks for that story, I just went and read the whole thing! It really was interesting!

Deb, I know what you mean, the corn in those TV dinners is SO good! Can't say a whole lot for the mashed 'tators though, but I just mix the corn in with them, and it tastes just fine! :laughing:

I actually like TV dinners, but hubby wouldn't eat one if his life depended on it (his moma spoiled him... :LOL: )

TV dinners will always remind me of my dad!!!!!! Forever!!!!! After he retired, and mom was pretty much gone (she had strokes, and had something like alzheimers) dad, who never cooked a day in his life, fell in love with TV dinners!
My brothers and I were a bit concerned about this, because of the fat content, and it didn't seem very healthy to eat them every single day, but Dad said he just loved them!
I even started making "homemade Tv dinners " for him, I would save all our leftover homecooked meals, and put them on these plastic plates, that had seperate sections, and cover them in foil, and freeze them, then take them all to him at the end of the week...

But the very next week, when I went back, all his store bought TV dinners were gone, and mine were all still there!!! (and it's not because I'm a horrible cook... :LOL: )
I asked him why and he said that he actually really loved the TV dinners!!! (go figure, TV dinners over homemade)

He would go into an absolute tizzy when the TV dinners at the store were on sale, and have me drive him there, so he could stock up!!!

After he died, a year and 2 months ago, my brothers and I went to clean out his house, and opened his freezer, and I swear all that was in it was ice-cream and a huge stack (about 20) Tv dinners!!!
And don't get me wrong, I had dad over for supper as much as I could, and so did my one brother who lives in this state, but Dad was just addicted to those TV dinners!

Wow......sorry.....didn't mean to ramble on so much about this!!!!
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awwww, Debby, what a sweet story about your dad. Aren't dad's just the best?? Gosh, I just love mine to death.
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Debby - you are sooooo right about mixing that corn with the mashed taters. I can't believe I forgot to say that!

Your story about your dad made me really smile. My dad loved them too after mom passed. I can envision your father getting all excited and wanting to get to the store when they are on sale. After all, that IS exciting news!
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TV dinners have really come in handy in my home. My husband likes Lean Cuisine dinners and I like Swanson Mexican dinners. We only have them when we want to have a fast meal and when I don't feel like cooking.

My husband was taking the burritos that come single in his lunch to microwave at work.

We had them a lot when we were kids because my mother worked weird shifts at the hospital and it was easy for her to fix with a salad.

I would have them more now if my husband didn't like the meals I fix so much.
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I love tv dinners. When you live alone, it's no fun cooking for one (although my cat Moo seems to think differently, being the human food junkie that he is). I love the Boston Market ones. I also like the Tyson Cheesy Jalapeno Chompers. You can get them at Sam's.

Suggestion: Don't buy Ragu Express. UGH! They're awful.
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I think the last microwavable tv dinner I had was one of those Lean Cuisine things...they're not bad; but at 5'8 155 160 I have to eat two :laughing2 I'll stick to my grilled chicken breasts, sweet potatoes and brocolli. It's the only thing I can bear to eat and my diet doesn't change much due to my sport. Boring huh? :laughing2

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