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Male Cats, Water, urinary tracks

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In my life with cats it seems that Male cats have a good chance to have problems with their urinary tracts.

Is it a good idea to feed Males wet food? Would a can once a week be enough to get water into their systems or is going on 100% Wet food diet a good idea for Males.
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I've read more about urinary pH and low dietary magnesium for good urinary health more than canned food. Though you are correct that the moist food adds water in the diet. One or two cans of good quality canned food a week would certainly be a good idea. I see foods promoting urinary health. Perhaps a discussion with your vet would be a good idea on this topic
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I'd reccommend wet food twice a day as the primary meal. Dry food more as a snack.
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I'd have a good talk with your vet - some foods help prevent struvite crystal formation but do not help prevent oxalate crystal formation! In general, it's not just a question of how much fluid intake there is, but what urinary ph the food promotes.

Having a pet water fountain helps re water intake, and yes, feeding a good portion of the diet as a quality canned food is also a good move - ...but again, re crystal formation it's more about the urine being the correct ph - and that will be impacted by the variety/composition of the canned food (i.e. are you feeding just fish blends or chicken or beef...).
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We have been going the Authority Lamb thing but feel perhaps a quality wet food might help alleviate the risk. We like to give quality to both dog and cat. Chicken Soup . . . . .is hard to find in Madison and easy to get.
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