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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
Women with fine, straight hair go to extremes to have what we were born with. Don't take chances with potentially ruining your gorgeous hair by using a drastic chemical relaxer on it.
If it's ringlets on the bottom and waves on the top, you might just need a new style to spring up the top. How long is your hair?
Check out this site...they have great hints for combination curly-heads.
I would MUCH rather my hair be straight than curly since the majority of it is straight already. Plus i think i look 1000 times better with straight hair, it just goes with my face... I did have a perm at one time, which was already, at the time it worked because i didnt have to do alot and i worked 3 jobs so it was perfect...

my hair is layered down to just below my shoulders... and my shortes layer is just below my ears... so the top is already kinda short... but it still wont completely curl(in Never has) it is too thick and coarse, it just gets wavy... but the underside of my hair i have much finer hair and it ringlets whether it dryes naturally or i sweat, any mouister and it curls... unless i flat iron it, then it stays for the most part...

if i curl the top part, it is too heavy to hold a curl and will be out in a few hours, even with the top layer as short as it is... and i refuse to put hairspray or gel in my hair, so that is not an option...

i would LOVE to have a FULL head of curly hair, it would be beautiful unfortunatley it is just easier with having half and half to go full straight rather that full curly

Thank you for the website!!!! Lots of great info!!!