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Nu Pound Kitty: big issues, need help

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Some of you may remember I lost my kitty Oscar to an errant car a few weeks ago, and today adopted Remy (2yrs, domshrthr) from the local Humane S. folks. He's a total lover boy, and I want to nurse him well, and make him one of our family, but I fear Peritonitis big time now, plus, DAMN, the vet we saw afterwards said Remy's got his bum eye (cloudy) from herpes. I cannot rest because of Francis, the other 10 yr old grieving (still) cat here- exposure to this:

*the herpes- it's forever and WILL get Francis, too, right?
*the fact that the this poor critter is very hungry and thirsty and his excrement has a peculiar foul odor-
*he's sneezing and had a very guttural -hoarse sounding- coughing fit earlier
*he's super affectionate, almost desparately so, like my other adoptee was who died two weeks after his rescue of peritonitis
*he's hyper

I adore this boy and want to do best by him, but cannot risk killing my other guy, too, obviously! Am I overreacting, imagining the WORST? Remy was in the Society for 2 1/2 mos. unadopted(?)- was he returned for the herpes prob? Or truly never found an offer of a home, nice as he is notwithstanding?

Getting to a vet again will be very difficult as I am without a car right now. If this sounds very serious indeed, I will on others' advice just somehow get him there again ASAP.
Francis wants to get to Remy, but should I keep Remy separated cus of the herpes and the illness stuff? I already touched Franscis with Remy hands that may have had the H virus... before knowing. The vet says his herpes is currently inactive, but can I risk it? Can I deal with it so Remy can stay without infecting Francis (assuming the other stuff is a cold and not the killer possibility)?


Bless all of us and the whole universe! Route for Remy especially!
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Oh, hon, i am soo sorry you are going through this. I will pray for you that this all works out for the best for everyone.

Honestly though, i dont know anything about herpes or the other thing you mentioned in cats.

Personal opinion though, the older resident cat has priority over the new cat. Its natural that you are already attached to him, But, you are right, you dont want to risk your other cats life either.

Like i said, i dont know much about it, but maybe you can help with finding a home for him where he will be the only kitty. And they can love him and nurse him into good health.

Are there not any immediate vaccinations or (forgive my ignorance) but anti-herpes virus meds he can give your other cat in case of exposure.
I would keep them separated, and if you havent already, bath your cat, I dont know if it will help with getting rid of the virus if it is on him, especially if you touched him a while ago, but it cant hurt...

I really hope this all works out for you... keep us posted
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Had a long talk with the vet- was able to get Remy a ride there, thank God. He's not worried about FIP really, just thinks it's a pound upper respiratory deal. The herpes WILL likely get Francis, but if I keep em both on Lysine and iodine if an outbreak occurs in either one, they should be "fine". Remy's spending the night there for more observation overall. Still thinking about it all--- this kitty is truly a great personality... I can't take him back to that hellhole!
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