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meowing cat

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Since yesterday morning Ellie has been meowing nonstop, all day and night. I just adopted her over a month ago (never had a cat before). I was wondering if anyone knew why they do this, is she in heat or something?

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Firstly, has has your kitty been spayed? I assume not, as you mention that she could be in heat.

What sort of meows is she making? If she is in heat, it will tend to be more chirpy and she will tend to rub on things more.

Have you changed anything within your home that might be bothering her? (moving a chair or adding furniture etc)

By the way, your kitty is very beautiful!
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how old is she? had anything else is her behaviour changed eg is she sing the litter box as normal?

have you tried ringign a vet and asking them? most give free advice over the phone.
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The first guess is that she is in heat.

Regardless, now would be a good time to figure out which vet you want to take care of your cat. Even if all you do is go in for annual shots, it's good to have an existing relationship with a vet (or at least a specific clinic). Don't wait until you have an urgent emergency to establish an account as a customer.
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Sar, Thanks so much. I would have to say, since day one she would always rub up against things. As far as her meowing, she really didn't do it that much before, and now it is constant, sometimes short and sharp and others long.

maverick_kitten, Ellie is 2 years old. Other than the constant meowing everything is normal. The only thing that is different is she is on the main floor alot more. I also have a 1 1/2 year old golden retriever, and when we brought her home she stayed upstairs most of the time, every now and then she would come down, but now the past 2 days she is on the main floor a lot, I just take it as she is use to everything now. My dog gets along with her great, it is cute when they lay on the floor by eachother.

Nano, We do have a vet (our golden retrievers vet). When we brought Ellie home we wanted her to have a check up just to make sure everything was okay with her.

I will call my vet today. Thanks for responding.
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Jacki- you didn't mention whether or not Ellie has been spayed. If not, she's likely in heat and that accounts for the constant meowing.

So glad you adopted this pretty girl- please let us know how she's doing.
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KTLynn, Thanks, and I sure will update on how she is doing. No she has not been spayed, but I plan on it in the near future. Thanks for your response.
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just keep an eye on her because shes probably in heat. my cat escaped whilst in heat and was gone for five days. it broke my heart and i would hate for the same thing to happen to anyone else.
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maverick_kitten, Thanks I will keep an eye on her. Sorry to hear that happened. I am so happy she is back home.

I took Ellie to the vet, and yes she is in heat. Thank goodness that is all it is. LOL

Thanks everyone for responding.
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Glad to hear the situation has been identified.
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