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Please help - problem with cat wee-ing

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My cat (9 yrs old) has decided to stop wee-ing in the litter box, ever since I moved to a new flat. She now prefers to wee on my bathroom floor.

The litter box is outside and in our last place was outside too. She never had any problems in our old place. The really strange thing is she uses the litter for poo-ing but refuses to wee there.

I discipline her by presenting her to the wee on the floor so she can smell it, and shouting 'NO!' and then putting her in the litter box outside, but it doesn't make any difference. She is wee-ing on the bathroom floor every night while I am asleep.

Please can someone help me???
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Hi, welcome to TCS!The first action in this case is to have your kitty assessed by her Vet. It's vitally important to rule out a health issue before treating this as a behavior issue. Negative reinforcement is not effective with kitties. Please don't shout at her. She needs to have more than one litter box, and should have close access to at least one in your home. Please read this thread . Our behavior advisors will be along shortly with their wonderful advice. So glad you and your kitty have joined us!
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Your first response should be a visit to the vet to rule out a urinary tract infection or other health issue. Then, by way of suggestion, might you be able to provide her with a litter box in the bathroom since that seems to be where she prefers to potty?
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It could be the stress of a new home has translated down into a urinary tract infection for your kitty. Please get your cat to the vet as soon as possible. Please stop disciplining her for something that she more than likely cannot help. Holding her down to smell her "wee" is not productive for her and creates an aggression in her that will soon be shown against you.
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After the vet visit, I would get a second litterbox. Some cats prefer to use different litterboxs for peeing and pooping. Also, be sure to clean your floor with an enzymatic cleaner designed for cleaning cat urine. Cats have very sensitive noses, and it is possible that the previous residents had a cat who peed on the bathroom floor.
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Thanks for everyone's responses.

Just to let you know that I followed the advice given by people here and we resolved the issue. The main thing was the negative re-enforcement. As soon as I stopped tyring to control the behavior and reacting negatively it went away. Also instruduced another litterbox as suggested which also helped alot.
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