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should i be worried

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i picked a pregnant cat up yesterday and she hasnt eaten or drunk a thing since i think she is in later stages of pregnancy as i can see the babys moving about very clearly
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it could just be shes unsettled and needs to remake her nest or she could be getting ready to give birth.
if you can't get her to eat please try get her to drink
try put water on egde of your finger and rub a bit on her mouth she might then drink when she relises what it is because if she ferral she wouldn't have ever had a bowl to drink out of

hope this can help you

let me know how you get on
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hi thanks for that ive tried getting her to drink like that but she doesnt seem interested shes not a ferral her owner gave her up ive got her an oppintment to see the vet in the morning hopefully by then she will have either had something to eat or drink or had the kittens, and he should be able to tell me when she is due her owner didnt have a clue
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thats the best think you can do i think sorry its not going well for you lets us know what happens at vets
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ok thank you i will keep you informed
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she has been asleep all day i have just managed to get her to eat something took a bit of persuading tho i will still take her to the vet in the morning just to get her cheaked over and see how far along she is
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That is great. Hope all goes well at the vets.
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Maybe she's feeling less stressed and more safe and able to get a little sleep? I brought a pregnant stray cat home, and her personality changed quite a bit once she was less stressed and felt safe.
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yeah i think that might be a big part of it im just over anxious this is my first pregnant cat ive had plus she is quiet young at just a year old and quiet small plus the fact that she is pregnant by her brother i am amazed she didnt get pregnant long before now just pure luck i think
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Good heavens! What a lot for a little girl to have gone through at such a tender age.

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just got back from the vets he said she is in good health and that he can feel a lot of kittens in there and that birth is imminent
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cool hope her birth goes ok
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yes fingers crossed for a smooth delevery for her and all the expecting cats in the forum its just sit back and wait now
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me and the foster cat maisy had a bad night last night i think she may be getting ready to have them i think lol she just could not settle at all she was up and down all night she could settle for a short time on my chest with me stroking her belly but only for about 20 minutes at a time then she would wonder round my room meeowing and she was in and out of her litter tray loads she seem fine now shes asleep theres no discharge at all does this sound like shes getting ready
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lol i had the same sort of night lol

she driving me mad she keeps crying for kisses and stokes all the time and if i leave her she will run after me and bite me lol
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o bless yeah thats just what she is like i didnt think she would be really as i have only had her since tuesday just been and brought her some nice soft bedding to try and get her into her bed at this rate she is going to have them on my bed
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awwhh i hope she likes it
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LOL, it must be coming soon , awww keep telling us..
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hi yes i will
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