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Warm Kitty

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I noticed tonight that my cat's forehead and paws are very warm. She gave me a little kiss (licked my face) and I noticed her tongue was very warm. She is acting pretty normal otherwise, eating and playing. Not quite as energetic as usual but for the most part normal. Could this be a fever? I don't know if fevers present the same way in cats as they do in humans. Any help would be appreciated.
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Is her nose warm too? That's been an indicator of temp for my cat Taz.
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Hmm....I didn't feel her nose. She's napping under my bed right now (she does that all the time). When she comes out I will check. Thanks for mentioning that, I forgot that their nose can indicate how they are feeling.
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How old is your cat? In older cats, hyperthyroidism can cause them to be extra warm.

Also, kitties often seem to be warmer, especially their mouths, after a long nap.
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ears and nose being warm (as well as nose being dry) have usually been temps in all the kitties i have ever owned...

hope she is okay
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I felt her nose last night and it was wet and cool so I think she is okay. The hyperthyroid thing is interesting. About a year ago the vet was doing some routine blood work and said she was positive for hyperthyroidism. I thought, that makes no sense, she's chubby! So we decided to watch her a little bit and see if she lost weight. I brought her in a couple of months later to be weighed and do blood work again and she was fine. They suspect it was just an error in the original test. She is still a little fatty so I doubt that's the problem. I will keep an eye on her. She seemed okay this morning when she jumped on me to get up and yelled at me to feed her!!
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