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Lovey always comes running to his name.
But then he likely thinks I have food in hand

And if we are in the same room, his head whips around to see what I want now.
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Both of my cats respond to their names. Charlotte will come faster if I say either "Charlotte...hungry?" or "Charlotte...wanna play?". Izzie will come running out of no where if I raise my voice. This includes singing!!!
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Splat responds to wanna go outside....outside meaning leaving the room to go play somewhere else in the house. As soon as I say outside she responds with a lil chirp and runs for the office door.
She also likes to come sit on my lap when singing certain groups like rush or jim croce for some reason.
She absolutely hates the drum room though...lol
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Isis definitly knows her name. ( Isis stop that! Isis get down! Isicle!!! Isis leave that alone! Grrrrrr Isicle!!!) Of course Isis is a Traditional Siamese and has a mind of her own. She talks back when she hears her name (like most teenagers) and tends to ignore you most of the time (like ALL teenagers).

Samona I can not tell one way or another if she knows her name but most of the time will look at me when I say her name.

Jazz definitly knows her name. She also knows the words: outside, no, milk, inside, food, and can opener.

The 5 Boys (kittens) are learning but they are only 6 weeks old.
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My Oliver will come running alllll the way across the house if he hears his name...but Emma can't be bothered! She's responded to her name a few times, so I know she knows it...I think she just can't be bothered! Lol! She's definitely our spunky one!
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I just realized this morning, that mine have a name they share: "YOU TWO" it's only ever two -- as in "HEY, YOU TWO, CUT THAT OUT!!" And their heads swivel in my direction and they DO "cut that out". More often than not it's directed at Cindy and Suzy, but sometimes at Cindy and Fawn.
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Sasha responded to his name almost immediately, but I've had him since about day 3 of his life.
Saba just joined us this past winter and she now knows her name.....but she's very independent and won't let us know she understands, but she does. Food time gives that away. I can say "Saba! Dinner! Saba!" and she'll come running even before she hears anything in the kitchen. But if it's a different moment and I say "Saba!" she won't even flinch or acknowledge me.
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One of my cats, Peaches, responds very well to her name. Even if I am just talking about her to someone here in the house and mention her name, she pops her head up and looks over at us. It's funny. My other cats do too but it's more sporadic and depends more on my tone of voice.
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Both of mine definitely know and respond to their names. They also respond to the sound of a can being opened! Cats are very smart, and they use that to their advantage, not yours.
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