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I am so upset!!!!!!!( warning off on a rant!)

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My manager called me tonight and asked me why I needed next Sunday off, well I told her that it was a friends birthday weekend and we were going to celebrate it all night Saturday night so I really didn't want to come in sunday at all since I'd be tired. Well it turns out that it's mothers day. OPPS my bad, well she asked if I would work a closing shift, I said I'd prefer not to and she got ticked off said "well I guess I will work" and HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!!!! BUT ladies and gentlemen, don't think that's the end of it, I fumed for a few minutes debating what to do and finally my temper got the best of me and I called her back and told her " I'll work it as usual my plans will be ruined so everyone else can have their days off!" and HUNG up on her!
Now I know two wrongs don't make a right but da**it I ALWAYS bend over backwards for the three other management and they don't give a rats a$$ about my feelings of my plans and I'm sick of it! They all needed the first of May off so I told them I'd work 11am to 11pm(Open to close ) and that was fine with me so they could all have the da** day off and they were bringing in the district manager from 8am to 11 so that all the prep was done that morning before I got there. No problem I can deal with that. I always work Xmas eve so they can all have it off, I've had ONE Easter off in 15 years so everyone could have it off, I MEAN COMEON! what the he**?
I do alot of work there and I cover alot of butt too! I don't pretend to be perfect but I think I do a pretty good job and apparently they do too since I got a $3000 a year raise. Sorry I ranted, I am just so angry I needed to vent to people who not only understand but can give me feedback on what to do next. I have to deal with her all day tomorrow from 10am to 5pm.
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That sucks Barb! Sorry you had to deal with that. So does this mean you're working on Sunday?

Hopefully tomorrow won't be too bad for you! And hopefully she compensates you somehow! You're are too nice!!
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Barb you have to stop letting these people step on you ...They are management its their job to figure it out not yours! I realized this once my manager was taking full advantage of me and treating me worse and worse for it! Now she knows not to ask me to come in on my days off unless I offer first. And for some odd reason she respects me more now ( that or she just afraid of me after I LET HER HAVE IT!)
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Oh Barb! No advice here for you just some big hugs.
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Aaarrrgggghhh, I would be mad too!! That is not fair. My last job I worked alot of hours OT and I worked all the holidays. I ended up getting stuck at work all the time because people would just call off on the holidays or whenever their time off was not approved and the person working was stuck there for 16 hrs. It stunk!!!
I am sorry that this happened to you. You deserve to be appreciated for all your hard work.
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I was about ready to ask if you worked at the Olive Garden, but apparently you don't I'm sorry that you have to pick up their slack. Hopefully you'll get the day off. I will never understand why managers get so upset when for once in your life you assert yourself. I've never seen my managers get quite as mad at their terrible workers as they do at good workers who are willing to go the extra mile repeatedly when they ask for one break.
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Wow, I just used the worst grammar!
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" I'll work it as usual my plans will be ruined so everyone else can have their days off!"
Hi Barb,

Sorry you had a rough time of it, but unfortunately your anger let HER get the better of YOU. You gave her what she wanted, which is you working and she getting the day off

If it's possible, I'd go in tomorrow and tell her you changed your mind and you will not work that day as you need the day off, and that USUALLY you are the one covering everyone else and bending over backwards. Your friends birthday is a really special occassion and you need the day off - sorry if that's an inconvenience for you, but you have plenty of time to get someone else to cover it.

Next time let her hang up on you. It takes much more energy to get mad at her than to just let it roll off. I know, I know... not always easy... but honestly, getting angry just isn't worth it. Life is too short
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ugh i HATE that!! I started to just say NO i can't. when asked why i just say its really none of youre business its my day off and i made plans... at my old job right after i graduated i'd work EVERY time someone had to call off.. and i got sick of it when i found out it was because they were all drunks and drug addicts... sooo no more going in on my days off unless i need the extra money... i loved what i was doing then though (custom framing at AC Moore) so it wasnt THAT bad... i got to hide in my little framing closet.. lol
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Well, I went in yesterday and shockingly she was pretty avoiding about the whole thing. When confronted face to face she backs down all the time but on the phone she seems to think she has all the power. She tried to be sweet telling me that on the radio she heard that it was associate apprecation day and asking me what I wanted lunch, snacks or what. I almost told her that I'd appreciate Sunday off but I held my anger and said that she could just buy snacks for the entire crew and show MY appreciation to them. It was an interesting day to say the least. I did find out that she told the district manager that we got into it and when she asked me what happened, I told her bluntly what happened and that I didn't appreciate it.
Oh yeah there is a note up now that you have to write down your days off, the reason why you need them off, the days you are submitting them, (and there's no guarantee you will get the day you are asking for off.) and you have to put them into an envelope and turn them into Jenni(the one i got into it with). The reason I can figure this is is 1 because of what happened between her and I , and 2 because if SHE wants that day off, then you can't have that day off and well tough luck for you. I guess she doesn't understnad that she is going to loose her staff because she just doesn't care about them. They stay because I ask them to. I am the asst mgr there and I am the one who cares about them (to a point)and am willing to basically work WITH them on the schedule to help them get a certain day off, or a what they need where as she will just basically do the schedule and that is that, (unless like I said, they confront her and that's when the backbone goes out the window.)
MY job is a sickening soap opera. The only reason I am staying is because I can't find anything else and now I have a carpal tunnel surgery that they are paying for and I'm waiting for that to go thru. But that's another story altogether. Man I hope someone hires me after this surgery is done and over with. I can't deal with it anymore. I"m going insane there!
Thanks for listening. I know it'll get better, it CAN'T get worse!
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