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Meet "King", my brother's new dog!

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My brother just adopted this little sweetheart from the Humane Society yesterday. He is about 4 months old and this is his third time being adopted! He has been adopted and surrendered TWICE in his short lifetime. How horrible is that!!?!?!?! He got paired up with 2 different families who, in the end, decided they didn't have enough time for a puppy, nor the desire to potty-train one.

One would think that he would have some serious behavioral issues because of this...but NOPE! Other than the fact that he is already pretty clingy with my brother, he is perfect! He even whines at the door when he has to go potty! Good boy, huh? He is a German Shepard/Husky mix. The only Husky part that you can really notice is the way he curls his tail...other than that, to me, he looks very much like a German Shepard. He has HUGE paws, so we're expecting him to be a very big boy! He is such a loverboy, but loves to romp around and play too!!!

How cute is he!?!?! I love his huge ears!!!

King is very lucky to have found my brother, because he is going to have a wonderful spoiled-rotten life!
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Hey King! welcome aboard! look´s his tongue!!...
thank´s for share Lacey!
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What a cute puppy!! You're right, he was really BIG paws - he'll be a big boy when he's all grown up.

I'll move this to Fur Pics, even though he isn't a cat. He's still furry.
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That is the exact same dog my bf's mum took in a few weks ago and then gave her up after a week, because it was too big and because her other dog wasnt getting so much attention.
IMO she just couldnt be bothered potty training her. Because her other dog can use those nappy things.
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King is adorable!! I'm glad to see that he has finally found a forever home where he will be loved and spoiled rotten like he deserves.
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Oh wow I love Shepards - King is super cute! Congrats to your brother. What a find.
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Hi King! He's a good boy for sure!
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What a cutie, he has a sweet face. He looks so cute playing with his toys.
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Aww he is so sweet! Some people should just not be allowed to adopt animals. I'm so glad your brother has this lovely dog. Congratulations and give your brother a big hug and kiss for me.
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King is a handsome boy. Hugs to your brother for giving him a loving home.
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King is absolutely precious and I'm so glad your brother will give him the kind of life he needs and deserves!!!!
Shame on those people who adopted him and then returned him.
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what a beautiful boy!! have fun with the spoiling!
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OMG, what a beautiful dog

That last picture is brilliant
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OHHH King, what a handsome little guy you are! Now I want a dog!
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He is adorable.
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thanks everyone!!! He is the perfect dog! He hasn't had a single accident inside yet---not even while my brother is at work!!! What a good boy! He is super cuddly and loves to give kisses---but can run around and play with the best of them!

He is truly an awesome dog! It's sad that the people gave him up, but it's only their loss and our gain, because he is wonderful!!!
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