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Itchy Bumps

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Hi everyone... I have posted about this before I know, but here's the story. Leeloo my 1 yr old cat (almost 1) has these itchy bumps she gets (we think they are feline acne) they started in Feb. of this year, first under her chin, they got so bad and she scratched them so much that she cut herself all up and the bottomside of her chin was completely scabbed up with scrath marks it was awful.

So I took her to the vet and he gave her Clavamox... they went away for about two weeks and then came back this time around the top of her head and lower on her neck but not right under the chin... he then gave me Derm Caps which goes on top of her food (its omega 3 fatty acids) he said it was either feline acne or an allergy.

She doesnt have plastic bowls, or a plastic collar... she has ceramic bowls and an expensive collar I bought that is only rhinestone, no cloth like material whatsoever I got it because I thought the fabric on the normal collars was bothering her...

Now they are coming back once again, only behind her ears, she is scratching out her fur back there and I can see the same scratch scab marks she had a while ago under her chin...
I dont want to keep throwing away money going to the vet who doesnt know what it is and keeps testing treatments on her, I can't afford that, and I worry what the different mixtures of medicines might do to her...

does anyone have any suggestions? or similar expierences to share? your help is much appreciated, thanks so much
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The first time around, it was acne. This sounds like an allergic reaction to something. The first thing I would start with is removing the collar all together. The collar...no matter what material may be causing a reaction. Or, because she does not like it, she scratches to get it off. If she continues to itch, you will need to take her to the vet so the scratches dont get infected.
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Do you have any fleas whatsoever? Melichus would break out much like you describe if he got even one flea bite. At one point I was embarrassed to take him to the vet as it looked like I didn't take care of my cat ! Around about this time is when Frontline came out and after trying it, putting down boric acid, vacuuming religiously etc., in the house, he finally started to heal and never looked back.
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hmm... well the vet said she had no fleas and he also used this medication on her when I brought her in for fleas, he also said it probably wasn't her collar because there are no bumps around where the collar is, they were just under her chin and then now behind her ears and on top of her head...then again, he didn't know how to fix them so he could be wrong about that too... if they get much worse I'll have to just bring her in, I was just hoping for some natural remedies here (i've already tried a couple... thouhg...)
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