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Scaled down moment

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I dragged the scale out this morning, took a deep breath and stepped on it and I have LOST 25 pounds!!!! Happy Dance - I pulled out a pair of brand new jeans that haven't fit me in a long time and they slid right on! I would like to thank my 4 year old for taking walks with me, and making me exercise him even when the weather was more of staying indoors than slogging through the pasture. My four year old is a horse! Now, I am going to do my best to keep this weight off during the holidays and continue on with the ground work I am doing with Raceman. We do a lot of play in the pasture as well, tag and throwing around a highway cone, and that has helped to. Plus we both like to splash around in the lake forming at the lower end of the pasture to.
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That is so wonderful! I am so proud of you

I wish we lived closer together, I would love to hang out with you and Racer! (that's just for you)
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As not only a member, but the President of the world renound "Fatty Association" - I award you with the title of BIG LOSER!

I am truly proud of you!

Who ever thought being called a loser could be SUCH a good thing!

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YAY Mary Anne!

Thats great news! The heck with Jenny Craig, Racer has a better diet plan!
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If I had your figure!
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Congratulations!!! I have 20 lbs that need to come off, a few months ago it was only 10, *sigh* but as soon as the holidays are over, I will be on a big old diet, and exercising like crazy, so it should come off in a few months!! ( I hope)
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That's a lot of work! You deserve to do something good for yourself - just no food treats! I know, buy something sexy to show of your new curves. Woo-hoo! Way to go, girlfriend!
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Congrats to you Hissy! I have about 10-20 lbs. I would like to lose myself, but have a hard time sticking to diets! Whenever someone asks me how much I weigh they don't believe me. I am 5'8", but I can feel it! If I can just get on that treadmill
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Congrats! You've just given me and my still-sore muscles renewed hope that exercising actually is good for me Today, being Sunday is supposed to be my day off from the gym, but Hubby and I indulged yesterday in the city and ate a huge meal, with a DQ Blizzard for dessert. UGH!
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Way to go girl!!
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