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Im worried !!!!

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i'm worried as my cat who is in her later stages of preg has produce milk and alot of it.

i have only known cats to produce milk after birth (after eating the afterbirth)

i have looked on net and can't find anything on preg queens producing milk when preg

i worried just incase things have gone wrong because her last litter that was a year ago she didn't produce milk to after i think but i can't be sure

thank you for reading

i hope she gonna be ok as shes my baby

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Are you 100% certain that she is, in fact, pregnant and that this is not a false pregnancy? Milk production can and sometimes does occur during a normal pregnancy, but I have seen it happen more often in false pregnancy.
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yes she is as i can see and feel babys moving and vet says she is
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Hello there, I think it is normal. My cat started producing milk two days before she gave birth. I assume she's quite far on ?
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yes she is but not sure on date she was with male for about a week
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I really dont know because my baby is also preggy and in the late stages, but she has not produced any milk yet. I thought that it was like going to happen and it was definite before the birth but I guess not. Thanks for teaching me something! Good Luck and I hope all goes well!
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