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Sensitive Paws

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I have a question. Many people attest to the fact that their cats may not like people touching their paws. Thus they might get finicky if one tries to clip their nails. For a long time I wondered what exactly does "sensitive" actually mean. I think sensitive does not really properly describe the sensation felt.

I think it simply means that they are ticklish! Think about it, if someone touches the sole of your feet, many people would instinctively pull their feet away much like how most cats would act too. And even the palms of your hands can be ticklish too but perhaps less so.

Now, for us humans, if done properly such as gentle brushing of one's feet may bring a nice sensation such that the "ticklishness" becomes enjoyable. That may explain why some cat's have no problem with you fiddling with their paws but others just do not like it, much like humans too!

What do you think? Does Sensitive = Ticklish?
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well, i dont know about ticklish , buti know socks doesnt like his paws being touched at all, he bites me if i try to
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I don't think sensitive necessarily equals ticklish. Ivo doesn't mind me gently massaging 3 of her 4 feet when she's relxed, but hates having her feet handled when I cut her nails. And her one back foot, forget it, she'll move it out of the way if you even brush against it-when I took her in, that leg was injured.
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Charlotte doesn't like being touched too much, but I don't think her paws are very ticklish. Izzie, on the other hand, doesn't mind my touching her paws. I cannot seem to get her paws to "twitch" from being tickled. I had never before Izzie met an animal whose hairs between their paws was NOT ticklish.
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Squirt just plain hates having his claws clipped, so I think anytime you go for his paws at all, he thinks the clipper is coming. If I even touch the top of his paw with one finger, he pulls it underneath his body every single time.
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My kitties love having their paw pads massaged!
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I would think that some cats may have ticklish paws. Though, I don't think that sensitive=ticklish, I voted yes, because it is possible that some are ticklish.
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Their paws are sensitive in the same way our palms (not soles) are sensitive to heat or cold or touch. However, I wouldn't say it's the same as being tickled
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
My kitties love having their paw pads massaged!
Mine too. Gandalf especially likes his back paws rubbed.
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well, i voted no... however, when i touch them she quickly hops away, so i guess they could be ticklish... but my best guess is that is just irritates her...
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I think Willow's paws may be ticklish. If I touch them, she'll draw them away quickly, but if I place the paw against the palm of my hand, she doesn't care. And she'll keep her foot still when I try to rub it, if I do it right, of course.
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