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Under all that mud...there lurked...

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A horse! Traveler after his first grooming session- one of many I am afraid till all the mud leaves-

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What a beautiful horse! And that gorgeous green grass for Traveler to eat too! He just looks like he is in absolute Horsie Heaven!
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He is beautiful, My first Husband and I used to raise horses for years for raceing, Thoroughbreds, quarters & appys I Love them, I raised many foals, Now I am in Love with the Cats
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Thanks Gaye, but he needs to gain weight. He is kind of ribby. I am in the process of playing with his feed program to see what can be done to make him look better balanced- less tummy and more roundness to his hips and sides. He just got wormed- so I am hoping that will help too.
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Look at all that grass! how close to the stables is he - or is he way out back?
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He is in the back pasture. It's pretty lush back there.
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He's a beauty MA!
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Traveler, you handsome boy, you!He's just beautiful, MA!
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Lovely fellow!
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What a handsome guy Traveler is!!
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i think horses look nice except im terribly scared of them.
I went to my friends cousins house one day and she had 2 horses, i ran a mile because it got too close to me and started making noises
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Absolutely beautiful boy!
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He looks happy! All that green grass! I had a couple of horses when I was growing up, I miss having a horse. My husband is retiring soon from the military and we are moving to Alabama to look for some acreage to buy and live in the country, maybe one day I'll have one again.
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He's handsome!
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MA he is a beauty!!
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He's such a beauty.
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