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Taking their meds!

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Just wondering if you have any suggestions on how to make my poor nauseous Lucky get her meds into her (pill) without causing her to get sick again. She's avoiding food for the most part so i haven't had any success hidiing it in there!
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Scruff the back of your cats neck and use your finger to stick the pill as far back into their mouth as you can get it. Then hold your cats mouth shut for a second and gently rub their neck a bit. Do all of this gently, it sounds kind of harsh but thats how it works the best if you are having trouble. If your cat is okay with you holding it and touching around its mouth, you might be able to set it on your lap and put one arm around her and gently pinch the sides of her mouth forcing her lower jaw open and pop it in as far back as you can. Again do all of this gently and go slow at first. As soon as her tongue comes out and she licks her lips, she most likely swallowed it but keep watching just in case.

Remember as you are doing this, she may try to do everything she can to keep you from getting the pill in there. Some cats are better at this then others.

If you already tried this and it doesn't work, you can probably smash the pill and sprinkle it into her food just be sure she eats it.

If the pill is making her throw up and she cannot ever keep it down, then you might want to talk to your vet. I am not sure what to do in this case.
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What Jen said about actually putting the pill in her mouth. However, I have always had better luck with restraining the cat by sitting on the floor on my knees, with the cat between my knees facing forward. Then, gently grasp his/her head with your left hand and press the corner of his mouth into his teeth. This will make him open his mouth (like bridling a horse.) At that point pop the pill in with your right hand, close and hold his mouth closed for a second while massaging his throat. I just find it much easier to hold a squirmy, "No, I'm NOT going to take a pill!" type cat using this method. Works for smaller dogs, too (I think I've got the only dog in the world that spits out the Interceptor HW pills.) The whole business shouldn't take 20 seconds. Good luck! You'll need it !
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I tried the scruff of the neck, stick it in the back of her throat etc. She refused to swallow and ended up with the pill dissolving partially in the back of her throat which was enough to make her sick all over again. Do i just keep holding her mouth shut and try to outwait her or until the pill dissolves? I don't know how much even got into her...if any.

When i tried crushing it up and hiding it in her food she refused to eat...but when i gave her pill free food she ate. I think my cat is too smart for her own good! lol
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Sometimes that happens (the too smart cat.) You'll have to get it waaaay back on the back of her tongue and hold her nose up in the air. And yep, you might have to outwait her on it. The medicine's not going to do her any good if you can't get it down her, but since you apparently got a partial dose down her I would wait until time for her next pill to try again. Will she take a treat? Sometimes if you hide the pill in a bit of their "to die for" food, like tuna or cheese, they'll take it. But try giving a bit first without the pill, then follow with the "doctored" treat.
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Google never ceases to amaze me:

How to Give A Cat A Pill

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thanks everyone! i'll give it a try tonight!
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If it is a particularly bitter pill, you might want to invest in some small capsules (from a compounding pharmacy). I do that for my very stubborn cat, and about half the time, she'll swallow it before the capsule dissolves. Unfortunately for her, I'm a Taurus and equally stubborn. I *will* get her to swallow her pill, even if she starts foaming at the mouth and drooling all over me. With her, I pop the pill in her mouth and wait until she licks her nose to release her. Afterwards, I give her lots of praise (and she usually hides under the bed).

If this is a medication you will be giving your cat for a while, you might look into having it compounded into a tasty treat or a transdermal gel.
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I've never used pill pockets myself, but have read on another site that they work great.
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Ask your vet to give you a "pill-popper." It's a lot easier than sticking your finger in a cat's mouth.
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I have had luck with using the floor method from above, but have an eyedropper of water handy. After you get the pill in the kitty's mouth, squirt (gently) just a few drops of water into the corner of his mouth to get him to swallow. Abbey does fine with this, but Max hates it - all trial and error I guess.

If the meds are going to be longer term, try looking into a compounding pharmacy for Pet Chews or a transdermal gel.

Good Luck!
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Well...lucky has outsmarted me again. I tried the on the floor technique....Lucky seemed to swallow several times....then when i let her go she walked over to the landing and spit the pill over the edge and down to the ground floor ...and i couldn't find it even to see how much she'd gotten!! Outsmarted once again!

The pills are only for a week. But the other kitten (who happily takes the pill) seems to be getting alot better!

I'll have to try the water dropper one tonight....

thanks everyone for all the help! As a new mom i'm a little nervous with some of this stuff.
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Originally Posted by Renny

Lucky seemed to swallow several times....then when i let her go she walked over to the landing and spit the pill over the edge and down to the ground floor ....
My vet clued me in that once they lick their nose that means they have swallowed. (They do it really fast, so you have to watch for it) Tonight try rubbing his throat and gently blowing on his face - which should make him want to lick his nose.
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