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New foster kitty

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Hi, My name is Jennifer and I have just became a foster mommy to a 4-5 wk old kitten (just a guess because all the teeth are in and how big he is). A friend brought him to me yesterday and asked if I would care for him. Since I normally deal with taming and adopting out semi feral ADULT cats, I'm not sure if I'm providing proper care. So far, his schedule consists of 10-15ml of formula every 2-3 hours. Also afterwards he flops with his bottom pointing upwards at me so I took that as a sign he still wanted stimulated to urinate/deficate. So, a few quick questions include: is my feeding schedule adequate? Is it normal for a kitten that age to still need stimulated to urinate/deficate? Also, he has not had a bowel movement yet, and I'm concerned. I preform an upward wiping motion to his bottom, but still no bm. His tummy is still soft and he doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, so is it normal for them to go a day w/o a b.m.? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (below are some pictures of him)

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Welcome to TCS.....Have you gone to this site:


It has lots of information on raising orphaned kittens.

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OMG, where are you located?? That kitten is adorable....we foster kittens....and end up adopting along the way...we have been wnating an orange tabby type kitten.....the link above is good!
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Oh he is Darling I them orange babies
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Thanks for the website TRN!! what help! The only other 2 kittens I raised i kept. Unfortuately, this one goes to the friend that found him. As he attacks my feet, I realize this will be a hard one to let go of. Atleast I'll be able to visit!! btw I'm located in west virginia fivecatsncountin but I'll post some more pics of the heathen soon. (oh yea, incase anyone else was concerned, he had his first bowel movement!!! )
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He is ADORABLE....PLEASE give us pics...if I was closer, he wouldn't get the kitten back
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