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True love...

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And whoever said that kitty-kats aren't affectionate by nature???

My Sunday snuggling up...

Aww Mummy let me put my arms around you!!

Can't keep my mitts off her fluffy gorgeous tail!!

Isn't she too adorable?
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Awww don't you just love snuggling with the kitts
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That's one very content cat and mom.
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Ohhhhhh, sooooo sweet!!!!!!
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Don't you love your when your kits do that!
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how cute! i love snuggling socks
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teufel was sleeping on my rocking chair so i picked him up and put him on my lap so i could watch sex and the city and desperate housewives
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i love that! last night i was snuggled on the couch with both my kids and both the cats, it was great!
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Awww! What incredibly sweet pictures!
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Lovely pics
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absolutely fantastic pose! I envy that cat!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
absolutely fantastic pose! I envy that cat!

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i want a fluffy kitty with a tail like that!!!
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Aww, how sweet.
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