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Our Beautiful Ms. Cleo  

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Some members asked Cleo to post this pic, her server's down so she asked me to post it...Always my pleasure but, I didn't feel like looking for the Halloween Thread (eeeks, lazzzzzy!):laughing2...but...here's our beauty and her best friend Jayce

Cleo...I hope you made a gazillion dollars in tips that nite! :laughing2

Gorgeous woman that you are!
Love ya,
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Wooohooo!!!!!!! Cleo, I already knew you were very, very pretty, but my god, you are just downright gorgious, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the cat outfit!
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OMG, that pic is Huge!

Thank you Cat for posting it, but dang it's big!

A couple people wanted to see the Tiger outfit I mentioned in one of the Halloween threads, so I asked Cat to post it...she sure did! :LOL:

I apreciate it though, its just kinda freaky seeing it here!

Yes, the tips were good that night, but I cheated and trick or treated a little bit with my tipjar..shameless! :laughing2:

Oh yeah, the handsome guy is my best friend, he's wonderful...funny, kind, sweet, honest, good job, cute, and SINGLE! Any takers?

(he'd kill me if he read this!)
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You look great, you are just gorgeous as Debby said!!!
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Ms. Cleo *raises hand* who is my babies father?!?!?!?!

J/K! I don't have any kids! At least none that I know about oh sorry! I'm not a guy!

Cleo you look so cute!!! love your costume.
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You are a hot boddie my dear! I can bet the tips flow at night!
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Thanks guys. I'm a little embarassed though.

Colby, maybe I'm dense, or just need more coffee, or both...but I don't get it?

So, any takers on my pal Jayce...did I mention he's Italian?
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miss cleo is the psychic on tv, and in the commercials for her they always show her on the phone with someone who wants to know who the father of thier child is.

Miss Cleo has the jamaican accent, like hey mon. I guess that makes her more credible
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Ok, gotcha, I was really confused there, thanks for explaining!

She wears some pretty wild clothes too...a very "colorful" lady!
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it was a bad joke anyway
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Oh Tiger suit!!!!!!! DUH!! I just posted to you in another thread (the one about B/F's birthday) that I thought it was a CAT suit.... Well, I guess Tigers are cats, just really big ones! :LOL:
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Aw, heck, if I looked like that, I wouldn't wait until Halloween to wear the tiger catsuit . . .
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It's not a catsuit, its a knee length dress! I'd Never have the nerve to wear a catsuit!

(between us girls, I have worn it at other times, b/f loves it!)
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Cleo!!! What a cool pic!! and you look stunning!! (No more details on the cat suit and your boyf though!! ha ha ha ha Only joshin' with ya hun!!)
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