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Funniest thing I've ever seen!

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Our Emma is turning into quite the little goofball as she is settling in to our house!

I usually have a glass of ice water with a straw before bed. I put the empty glass on my bedside table when I go to sleep, and then carry the glass into the kitchen in the morning when I go in to make my coffee. Well, I didn't even notice, but Emma has been stealing the straws from the glasses for about a week now!

This evening I was drinking a glass of juice with a straw (I have cold-sensitive teeth so I'm a big straw fan) and she came right up to me, glass in hand, and grabbed the straw right out of the glass with her mouth! After I stopped laughing hysterically, I followed her and her straw down the hallway, where she carefully placed it under the door of our hall closet.

Sure enough, I opened the closet and there were 5 straws underneath the door! Too funny! I wonder what she's hoarding them up for? A nuclear attack? Armageddon?

I just thought you all would get a kick out of that little story...none of my non-cat owning friends seem to fully appreciate the humor of it!
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awwwwww! that is the cutest thing! cats are such funny people!

such a cute story, thanks for sharing... i needed that laugh about now
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oh that is indeed cute!
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How precious!Emma, you're such a silly baby!
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Hihi! We have a friend who's cat used to collect straight pins, and put them right next to her water dish. Her mummy was a big craftsperson, so the straight pins were always escaping, thank god she never ate any of them!

Erik recently has taken to stealing bits of food that I can't eat (like slightly gross bits of meat...) I had a smoked meat sandwhich a couple of hours ago, and he stole the piece of meat from my dish after I had stopped eating. Last week he stole a chicken ball from me, and ran of with it, and ate all the meat from the inside, but left the breading on the floor!
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Maverick loves straws too! we find them hidden under the sofa or she posts them under the kitchen door.

her new fetish is prawns (shrimp) which she'll battle for a few minutes then carry upstairs for her kitten
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Awww that is really sweet!

I give Guinness straws to play with. Each time I hoover under the bed straws get sucked up where he has batted them under there and can't reach them! He also cries if he looses his straws and can't reach for them! awwww
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Cats do the cutest things!
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I love reading all these!!! My cat is LAZY!!!! She just attacks her cardboard scratcher and lazer pointer... she'll go nuts for chicken though and she'll try to knock the fork from our hands while we're eating.

That straw story is too cute. How adorable she put them all in the same place!!
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they can be sooo funny. my mum has a little fuzzy tabby who thinks hes a boy, he brings sticks into her through the cat flap! she also has a big black and white fluff ball who will catch flies in the garden hold them in his mouth then let them go when hes indoors! WEIRDO!!
my molly used to catch "dangerous" socks when she had her kittens, she would carry them to where ever the babies were and looked so proud to have caught dinner for them (strangely she fluffy too, hmm me thinks thereis a pattern emerging within my family lol)
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Splat likes to hide my lighter and cigarettes seperately and likes to put a rubber band in her food funny. All office supplies are out of reach and she always seems to get a rubber band, no matter where I stash them.
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I had a kitten once who stole dirty socks. Guess he liked the smell. I never could figure out where they were hidden until I moved and found that he had torn a hole in the underside of my box spring and built a nest in my bed! Soooo cute and he was so proud of it.

Kitties are so amusing.
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That is too cute!!!! Thanks for the laugh
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I was actually told to give Bijou straws to chew on when he was teething. He loved them and yes they were all over the house.

It's cute that she was hiding them all in the same place.
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This is so cute Your kitties all sound like little ferrets, stealing and hording things.
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Kitties love straws! I give them to my kittens...what's funny is when they are trying to walk away with them and turn their heads to see if anyone is following them and then they hit themselves in the back leg...then they *really* think someone's following them. They dart away then.
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I once found about 10 tail-less little mice under the door of the coat closet. We had wondered where they ran off to....LOL. There is always a little pile of those mice under the sofa also. The little puff balls I buy them (the crafting pompoms) are always under the fridge and stove. I KNOW they put them under there on purpose, I can see them do it.

We play with straws here too. They were wonderful when the kitties were teething. Now they love to chew on cardboard boxes.
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awww what adorable stories!

one of my babies likes to chew on pencils while im writing,
another one steals my feather boa or Chritmas decorations and drags them through the house, its pretty funny to see a lil kitty dragging something 15 times bigger then her up and down stairs
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that is such a cute story! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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Hmm...hiding the cigarettes and lighter in a separate location?
Maybe kitty's trying to tell you something!
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