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New kitty is sick!

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Dinah, the newest addition to the family has got to be the most wonderful pet I've ever had. She loves the be petted, she loves to play and she loves to take little naps with me. And best of all, she is immaculately clean! *Sigh* She has totally melted everyone's hearts. Last night, when I went to bed, she climbed up into my blankets and fell fast asleep next to me. It was the most adorable thing. I luv my Dinah so much!
Mushy stuff aside, she has a serious sneezing problem. While sleeping next to me, she sneezed about five times during the night and got snot all over my face. And this morning I noticed her eyes are very watery. The only time i have availible to take her to vet is on Wednesday, which is still a day away. This isn't too serious, right? I mean...it seems like all cats catch a cold at some point in their life. Anyway, is there something i can do to make her a little more comfortable?
I think I should note that she is about 8 weeks old and I just adopted her from the local shelter. I couldn't resist her eyes. No idea what breed she is though...
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Please get her in quicker than wednesday. She is so young and an upper respiratory infection can be very serious with younger kittens. Is there no place else near you that can see her tomorrow? Call in the morning and ask the clinics if they have had a cancellation and see if you can get her in tomorrow.

Also please read this article

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shelter cats often have respiratory infections
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Hi, did you get your new baby to the vet?? How is she doing???
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I'm happy to report that little Dinah woke up this morning not sneezing at all. I took her to the vet as scheduled. The vet examined her and told me that she is completely healthy. Just in case, however, he gave me a small bottle of antibiotics to make sure that she is completely cured. So yeah! Dinah is one healthy little kitty.
Thnx for all the replies and for directing me to the article everyone!
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I'd just like to say here that Bijou was sneezing a lot when we first brought him home and I worried it might be the dust from the clay based litter. I changed to Swheat Scoop mixed with World' Best and the sneezing stopped. I worried the clay dust was getting into his little lungs.
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