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What's your opinion on letting cats onto a balcony? We're on the third floor and there's a little balcony that I know the cats will want to go on when the weather's warmer and we start using it. I'm not sure about it.....I'm pretty sure that they're clever enough to know not to try to jump down from that height, and the way the railing is shaped, they couldn't lean out over the end very easily. That being said, I don't really like the idea of letting them out. BUT I thought I'd come on here and ask if any of you let your cats on a balcony and find out your opinions on this subject. So, what do you guys think.....should we let the cats on the balcony?
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They will jump- so don't bank on the feeling that they won't. When I had my apartment, I put up fishing netting around the outside of the balcony, and weighted the bottom down with decorative bricks. I took 2 x4's and cut them to fit, and then wrapped the netting around the 2x4s a few times, then screwed the boards in place.
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A friend of mine put up latice around her second story balcony and decorated it with artificial ivy,It looked so pretty and kept her furbabies safe.
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Thanks for the quick replies, guys. Those both sound like good ideas, but I'm worried that Sammy would just try to jump over the railing if he decided he wanted to jump off(and he could do it, too - he's long so he can jump quite high). Unless we can figure out a way to close them in on the top too, I think we'll be keeping them inside. But maybe we can section off a little area with netting and wood that is covered on all sides (like a little pen) so that they can come out and lounge in the sun with us. If anyone has done something similar and could post a photo, I'd appreciate the inspiration!
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I have a balcony and I let my two out on it, but only with their leads and harnesses on! Could you try this? I feel it's safer and if they are on a shortish lead, they can't jump onto the rail.
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I used to let my cats out on the balcony and they love it. However one day, one of my big orange persian just disappear and my blue persian walk away from the balcony with guilty eyes. We started looking for that big Orange persian and he is nowhere to be found in the house. We rushed downstair (we stay on the third floor at that time) and hear him crying. He has dropped from our balcony to the ground level. Lucky he was unhurt.

However, we did not keep them away from the balcony. That big orange persian is now more intelligent not to get himselves off the balcony.

Now that I stay on the nineth floor, I got no balcony on my apartment. I waited three years for my cats to lost their curious over the house before I dare to put on the curtains. I cannot imagine they fly off my windows.
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in Frankfurt my balcony was far too small and teufel was too young to go out there, although my rabbit did and she never jumped off, sometimes my mum wouldnt see that she got out and she would be waiting at the glass door for a long time before my mum realised she was gone!

she is a free roaming indoor rabbit.
Although for my next house i do plan to get a balcony for my sunny days and if he wants to come out i would have to put a leash on him because im too scared. as he has been an indoor cat too long
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Leli, I think Hissy means you cut the 2x4's to fit top to bottom. I would take the netting up to shoulder height, just to be sure.
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I have a second floor porch where I've lived for the past three years and allow my two older cats to go out there when I'm home. They've never shown any sign of trying to jump. I think they're just happy to be outside.
However, I am planning to take some measures, even getting the porch screened in before I let Pete out there. He slipped out once and was walking around outside the railing in the gutter. Never again!
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The first cat I owned jumped in and out of my bedroom window and my room is on the second floor. He never goes into the house through the front door. He was a stray before he owned me so he was really intelligent. Never ask your cat to do that.
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