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Scary day!

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I'm not usually one to complain about whole days because I think a whole day cannot be ruined by one or two Crappy things that happened,but today was a bad day! Last night I pulled my back out cleaning the cat litter, Thats right the cat litter, I woke up after a horrible nights sleep not being able to walk. I'm always in serious pain b/c of the fibromyalgia but this was different! So I called in sick, made a dr. appt,and settled into the couch,when I got a phone call that my Mom was being rushed to the hospital. The phone call was from my step dad and he was completley inaudible! All I heard was '' Mom chest pain hospital '' Now for the back story...Five years ago my mom had a heart attack while I was home on vacation from South Carolina,she actually went into cardiac arrest and died in the emergency room until they brought her back, She had to have triple bypass surgery. Needless to say I packed up and moved home.My Mother is my best friend, SHE IS MY LIFE! If I call her work and they tell me she's sick I panic ( now she has to call me first to let me know she ok) If I call her at home and she's napping I panic.If I havent heard from her in a couple days I panic, So you can imangine my fear today! So I was shaking all the way to the hospital ( thank God its only down the street) When I got there I could tell right away she wasnt having a heart attack, but I was still terrifed nonetheless! It turns out she was passing a stone that had'nt been removed from the galbladder surgey she had last month! Thank God! So now that I am reflecting I realize how luck I am that a bad day turned into such a lucky day!
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Ohh gosh, well that would scare me too mistorri...Please keep us posted on your moms well being and I will say a prayer for her! that is such a special thing that you and your mom are so close!
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Girl I am glad to hear that you and Mom are alright.
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Yikes, what a day!! I'm glad your mom's ok!
Sending healing vibes for your back.
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How scary, Torri!I'm so thankful your Mom is ok now!
You didn't say if you ever went to the Dr. It's your turn now! Please take care of your back and feel better soon!
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