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Nope really bad idea- your cat could get stressed and have her kittens early, or he could lose her outside and then what would you do? Keep her home, and keep her safe, and give him a frog to take instead. If you have only had this cat for five days, she is not going to allow a bunch of strangers, particularly kids to come into her room and view her babies. Tell the teacher to take the kids to the local animal shelter, so they can learn about what happens to cats that don't have homes instead!
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Originally Posted by teddybear
My 5 yr old would like to take the cat that is going to have kittens soon to his school so he can share her with them.. I told him i didnt think it was a good idea yet since she is starting to nest all ready.. but what do u guys think?? she seems to be ok with my kids and we have only had her for 5 days now. and if i cant take her now when would i be able to take her and the kittens to his school so they can see them. One of the teachers at his school all ready asked me if i would bring them by so she can look at them and may take one.. oo and his school isnt a regulare school hes in a private school and theres only abour 30 kids in the whole school..if i where to take her i would stay there and and watch and if she starts to show any signs of not wantting the kids home i would take her home right away.. ty
I dunno, if I was in labor, or even close, I wouldn't want 30 screaming / overly excited kids wanting to rub my belly.

I would wait until the kittens are at least 6 weeks old and then only one or two at a time...short periods of time, maybe 15-20 minutes then back home, totally supervised.

My son's 1st grade teacher form last year is a huge cat lover and fosters for the same group I do and I took in our last litter of 3 and it went great...but I also know how careful she is with her class, and her kitties...no way I would do it otherwise. It was great for the kids to learn about them, and it was also wonderful for the kittens since...according to the org we foster for, we are a very good household for kittens that need socialization...when they leave us, they can handle anything I guess.
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yes if i wear to take the kittens to see the class i would stay there with them and would only have them there for a short while.. just so the kids could see them since my son has been telling them that they are coming soon.
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I think this is a really, really bad idea. Don't take that girl into your child's classroom and don't allow anyone to come over to see her or the kittens until AFTER all of the kittens have received at least their first series of kitten vaccinations. You are courting danger here and I strongly suggest you put this idea out of your mind.
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i wasnt saying i was goign to do it right away.. iwas saying when they are old enought and when it was safe..
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Teddy bear if you need anyhelp regarding the cat in labor or anything else let me know! i would help you.. And let me know how it all come out!
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let me know when she had the kittys i love to see pics
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well she still hasnt had them.. shes been leeking clear liquid for a while now.. but no color to it or no blood so i guess shes doing ok.. shes been stayin either in my bath room in her box thats in my room.. i have to keep her in my room so my kids dont mess with her to much..i feel bad about having to do it but im doing it for her safty.. but if i leave to go out any where i open my room door so she can go and wonder around while we all are out..
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well she has started to leak even more this morning wear ever she goes she leaks.. my 5yr old came to me this morning and told me that the cat peed on his blanket and pillow. i was like where at show me and i smelt it and it wasnt pee it was her leaking so i put her back in my room. and she has just been cleaning her self and laying in her box not moving much. so i guess its the time is comming soon?? i so hope so i cant wait to see her babys..
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yea shes finaly pushing she just started about 1 min. ago went to go us my bath room and she was in the cat box tryingto push so i got her to walk on her own to her box and shes been pushing on and off but nothing yet.. ill keep u al lup dated going back to her side right now. wish me luck. also how long should i let her push before i start to worrie???? please let me know ty.
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