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Our Daily Thread for Saturday

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It's offically saturday, but I haven't been to bed yet.

I went to K-mart today but that was the extent of my after Thanksgiving shopping. Went around 4 pm. The store itself wasn't crowded but the lines were long. Only 3 registers open Which didn't make sense, but oh well.

Hoping to get the tree put up tomorrow. Depends on when I can get the SI motivated.

I saw the Grinch yesterday and was a bit disapointed. Those of you who saw it, what did you think?
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Ok, you're kidding, right? The daily thread before I have even been to bed? I haven't done anything yet today!
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She's jump starting the day!
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Saturday is a good day! Ripley, decided, however that Mom should get UP at the same time as a work day. I have the nibble marks on my fingers to prove it. Goldie and the 2 remaining babes continue to enjoy their turkey treats - as well as my little indoor beggers.
I think I will go have coffee with my sister this morning - as being home the past two days, I do not have the mounds of housework waiting for me. YIPPEE!

Tonight is card night with our friends - we play Partner Pitch. Hope we girls get a few over on the boys. They usually win, however!

I hear the diner calling........
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Ok, now it can officially be Saturday.

I am forced to be sitting at the computer, as my sofa just waltzed out of the house. I won't be getting my new one until next Saturday. The ex-bf bought me a new sofa in exchange for the old-as-dirt one I had in the house. (Not a bad deal, all in all). This breakup was the best thing that ever happened to me.
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Yikes the prices are out of this world! Guess we will have to wait until we get closer to the holiday and pick one up through the Boys & Girls Club. Went to the video store instead and rented a ton of movies as we are still recovering from Tainted Turkey Syndrome. Going to be a lazy day. Hope everyone stays stafe today and through the weekend
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Spent the last couple of hrs searching for summer wear at stores for our holiday in Mexico. This is definately not the time of year to search for bathing suits! Oh well. We found some things. Now all I have to do is pack! 5 more sleeps & then I'm in Mexico!
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did a ton of landry today (ok Daniela, maybe not a TON, but a lot for me! )

we put up the tree and some other lights. the house looks so festive now! I it!

We'll probably have leftover for dinner and call it a night. Not very exciting stuff, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
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Today I went out and braved the holiday shopping crowd. I am so proud that we have gotten at least 10 people off of our list today. It is rainy and cold out, so it seemed like a good day to go out and then come home and relax. The stores weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I made hubby go with me incase I had a meltdown (I dont like crowds at all). Now I get to work on the cute little kitty x mas cards I bought, make some soup for dinner and play on the computer all night. I really have enjoyed this 4 day weekend so far
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Mee too - I am glad I took Friday off - usually I work that day,but after 18 yrs there, figured I deserved it off! Taking it off next year too!
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Ok Colby, how much laundry did you do????
I had a really good day until I had an incident with my xmas lights. I just posted it under the thread " the tree is up".....very frustrating and I won't bore you all again with a repeat.
Its already 7pm here now, and my kids are in their jammies and ready for bed. Yay!! My favorite time of night when they are all snuggly and calm. I love them.:tounge2:
My husband is working late tonight, so that means I can keep working on the xmas cards in peace. I really want to finish them, they haunt me every year! And the list grows longer and longer each year too!
Hope everyone's Sat was fun. See ya tomorrow.
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it was 3 loads! but it's all put away now
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Hi guy!

Well, my day started at 8 a.m. Washed ALL my curtains and put them up damp (mom's secret to getting wrinkles out. Guess what, it works!!) She was one smart broad. I then cleaned every single inch of this place which feels good. My only frustration is not being able to get the dust out of my heater boards. They are painted on and I don't have an attachment small enough to fit into the opening. I want to get every single inch of dust outta here so dust mites have nowhere to hide. I've also decided to have my carpets cleaned by a professional. Gotta wait till my next check though. It's well worth the $100. The guy comes in and vacuums, and cleans every inch of the carpeting with water hotter than I can get it with a commercial cleaner.

After cleaning till around 4, I took a nap. I've been in my jammies all day Time for dinner (first meal all day).

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.

BTW, Sandie, you're one brave woman!
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you guys are killing me with all of your productivity! I've been such a bum today
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Went to see the wizard boy Friday night, then to a sci-fi convention today. I'm not a costume person, but it's fun to see how other people dress up!

Now we are home. I have just conviced my daughter she is interested in going to bed - an hour early! But it makes up for 4 hours late last night, I guess. Hubby is also out cold, so I have the tv and the living room to myself.

Tomorrow, we are planning to sleep in and start packing. Maybe watch Rudolf or some kind of Christmas special. Nice quiet day.

Donna, if you go in the baby department, they make sets of brushes for cleaning bottles and nipples. One of those should fit between the grate on your heaters. Plus the bristles are nice and stiff for getting the grime. You can also try a paint brush or that attachement for blinds if the dust is loose enough. Just a thought.
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That's a great idea! I'll have give it a try. ANYTHING to help my guys from stop sneezing. I'll let you know how I make out.
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