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The Latest Cosmo Installment

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Cat in a Sack...

Sacked in the sack?

Watching the fishies...
He really seemed to enjoy the aquarium screensaver I got for him

Mr. Handsome

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haha i have that screensaver! i havent had it on around the kitties.. ill have to try that. Im sure finnegan will love it! Cosmo is gorgeous as always. I love seeing him.
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Cosmo, as always you are so entertaining and handsome.
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Cosmo~ You are such a handsome boy!!!
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Thank you for sharing! Great pictures!
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What a handsome grey man Cosmo is and such beautiful green eyes.
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Cosmo is gorgeous
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Cosmo is such a lovely boy!! Such an expressive face, and those eyes!
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A lovely boy indeed!
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Oh good grief what a gorgeous boy!!
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Lord, but he's a handsome boy!
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He takes such wonderful pictures! Gorgeous!
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I just LOVE Cosmo! The picture of him in your signature (to the far left) is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life!! He is an absolutely adorable kitty!
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he is very handsome, i could just plant a kiss on his forehead
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Cosmo is such a beautiful boy!! he's even a cutie when all you can see is the business end! That "sacked in a sack" picture is too funny!
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What great looking cat
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Cosmo, what a gorgeous boy you are!
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He sure is handsome, I love his eyes.
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I love pictures of Cosmo - he's so gorgeous
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I am in love with Cosmo
He looks like a cross between my Zoey and Saki! It's almost scary! lol.
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